The Cape Canaveral Monsters (1960)

the cape canaveral monsters 1960

This will definitely bring out your inner comedian. Aliens interfere with our space program. Object:invasion. If you can point a flashlight then you too can make a SF movie.

Hauron (Jason Johnson) and Nadja (Katherine Victor) from a planet somewhere out there need Earth bodies. Since they’re just balls of lights their travel is restricted. A couple on the beach will do fine. The aliens are lousy drivers and crash the car. Hauron is so stupid he almost leaves the scene without his arm. Over at the Cape another rocket launch goes bad. That doesn’t stop math genius Tom Wright (Scott Peters) from putting the moves on Sally Markham (Linda Connell). She’s the niece of German scientist Dr. Meister. He doesn’t dig the all American way of lusting after his young niece.

That night the guard dogs are going nuts. An MP fires off a few rounds at Hauron. Did he really miss? The dogs jump Hauron. The arm Nadja grafted on him is gone again. Hauron is so careless. The MP brings the arm to rocket central.

Tom and Sally manage to get out on their own with their friends Bob and Shirley. They get static on a transistor radio and the car radio. Good thing since the songs are that awful sappy stuff of the era that almost killed the music business. Tom says there’s an illegal transmitter nearby and he’s going to find it. He and Sally go on the hunt.

Inside a cave the aliens report to their leader they’ve destroyed another missile and they’re now real hot shots on their planet. Now they have to send specimens. The invasion will take a while longer. Hauron and Nadha grab Bob and Shirley. Bob had the top up on his convertible. He thought that would stop anything. Tom and Sally return to the car. They’ll continue tracking the frequency hoping to find the missing couple.

Now comes the educational part of the movie. If you’re an alien and want to know how to prepare Earthlings for transport…pay attention. Ooops. Bob is history. But he does have a good arm so Hauron is in business again. While he’s at it he might as well take Bob’s chin,. scar or no scar.

Tom and Sally enter the cave. Of course they’re captured. Time for some real science talk about how the outer space green light balls can breathe here. We know they’re green because someone says so a little later. Clever Tom manages to break out of his force field restraints and heads for a phone. He has to break into a locked business. He calls the sheriff. He’ll be right out. Before he can call General Hollister back at the Cape the store owner has him covered with his shotgun. He says there are no caves in the hills.

Tom manages to get recaptured and there’s more hilarity to come. If you like movies from the so bad it’s good list then check this one out.




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