World For Ransom (1954)

world for ransom 1954

Dan Duryea plays Mike Callahan. Other than that this is the same as the TV shows “China Smith” (1952) and “The New Adventures Of China Smith” (1953-56). It’s located in Singapore and Duryea wears the same hat in the TV shows and the movie. The movie is co-directed by Robert Aldrich.

Johnny Chan has some smuggled rubber he planned to stash in an abandoned village. The place has been taken over by Alexis Pederas (Gene Lockhart), Frank Guzik and Mike’s former business partner Julian March (Patric Knowles). Chan convinces Mike to investigate.

March is married to Mike’s former girlfriend Frennessey (Marian Carr). March isn’t telling Mike anything. He’s involved in a plot to kidnap scientist Sean O’Connor. He’s just one of four who knows how to detonate an H-Bomb.

March disguises himself as Major Ian Bone and picks up O’Connor at the airport. The attempt to murder the real Bone (Reginald Denny) doesn’t work. While driving through town, photographer Lee Wong (Keye Luke) takes a picture of March and O’Connor in their passing car.

He takes the photo to his pal Mike. On the orders of Pederas, Guzik stabs Wong to death with a knife that has Mike’s fingerprints on it. Inspector McCollum (Douglas Dumbrille) wants to arrest Mike. He has a strategy session with Bone (Reginald Denny) and Governor Sir Charles Coutts (Nigel Bruce).

Frenessey tells Mike she’ll be his again if he rescues March and brings him back. McCollum allows Mike to escape but loses him. Back at Sir Charles’ office in walks Pederas. He admits to all that he has O’Connor and will give him back for five million dollars in gold. They have twenty-four hours to agree or else he’ll make the same offer to the Communists.

McCollum discovers Mike’s location. Bone follows him as he heads for the village to rescue O’Connor. Some good action is ahead. The penultimate scene would have been effective with a better actress than Carr. Whether you’ve seen the China Smith TV shows or not this is still worth a look.

The movie said “Introducing Marian Carr.” Her career didn’t get off the ground. She did appear in numerous TV shows including two episodes of “The New Adventures Of China Smith” in 1954.

Marian Carr-Dan Duryea

Marian Carr-Dan Duryea


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