Midas World-Frederik Pohl (Short Story Collection)

frederik pohl-midas world

Seven stories from 1954,56,82,83. Favorites

“The Servant Of The People” (1982 novelette) – Twenty-two term Congressman Fiorello Delano Fitzgerald O’Hare is running for reelection. He’s famous for creating and getting passed the Robot ERA. That gave robots the vote. Now the mayor of a small town is running against him. He’s a robot. O’Hare’s wife takes exception to some of the mayor’s tactics and confronts him.

“The Farmer On The Dole” (1982 novelette) – Zeb is a robot farmhand. He and all the others are made redundant when the government decides to shut down some corn and soy fields. He’s reprogrammed with an academic vocabulary and his new job takes him to New Chicago. He’s a mugger under the guidance of the robot Timothy. Zeb makes a big mistake and ends up in jail followed by rehab. Back out he makes the same mistake again and is now on the run. He ends up in the park with other robots programmed to be panhandlers. His actions get him a new job.

“The Lord Of The Skies” (1983 novella) – Michael Pellica-Perkins lives in an orbiting habitat. Earth is just about uninhabitable. He’s lazy and has numerous robots and machines to do everything for him. He’s been married multiple times. Ann, his latest wife is moving out after nine days. One recreation for Michael and his friends is hunting down a Noyman. It collects raw materials and takes them to Earth. During a hunt Michal comes across a rare huge Noyman known as a buck. He has to destroy it and that knocks him out. He wakes up inside a space shuttle headed for Earth. He’s finally met by his older brother Rodney. The two never got along since their ideas of what’s important differ greatly. Rodney lives in a former luxury hotel with a group of robots. He reveals his master plan to save a ravaged Earth to Michael.


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