Shoestring (1979-80)

Trevor Eve as Eddie Shoestring

Trevor Eve as Eddie Shoestring

Another good British detective show. This one is set in Bristol in England’s West Country and stars Trevor Eve as P.I. Eddie Shoestring. Until having a nervous breakdown he was a computer programmer. Now he’s on Radio West doing a phone-in show.

Opening episode: September 30,1979 – “Private Ear” – Sarah Marshall is an underage hooker. She’s called to go to an A plus client. She’s freaked out when she sees him. She runs to Radio West to see music and talk host David Carn. He used to be a famous actor but fell out of favor. The radio job brought him back into the public eye and ear and he’s once again successful.

He refuses to see Sarah. She steals his Rolls Royce, pumps herself full of booze and pills while driving to the beach and dies there. Shoestring’s landlady Erica Bayliss is a barrister and was invited to be a guest on a talk show. Station manager Don Satchley shows her some letters and has her listen to a tape threatening Carn . He wants Sarah investigated to see how she and Carn are linked.. Erica tells him he needs a private detective. Eddie’s got a client.

Eddie has a habit of drawing sketches of anyone he talking to. One local hood isn’t happy that he thinks he looks like Mickey Rooney. Coming to town are Sarah’s parents under an assumed name She’s been missing for a year. and because of Sarah’s profession her father doesn’t want his real name leaked out. Dad is a big businessman in London.

As the investigation continues Eddie is offered a bribe to drop it. He refuses. Then the man’s boss has one of his hoods work him over. Eddie knows they’re protecting someone but he doesn’t know who it is. He does know it’s not Carn.

I won’t spoil the ending but I will say this sets up the show as he’s hired by Satchley as a private ear. Eve is perfect in his role and the show is very entertaining.


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