St.Louis Woman (1934)

st louis woman 1934

Western star Johnny Mack Brown trades in his six guns and ten gallon hat for a football uniform and a tux. Since he was an All American halfback at the University of Alabama it’s not much of a stretch.

Jim Warren is in college studying to be a doctor. He also the star of the football team. After a game nightclub owner Harry Crandall comps him to his club. Who can resist seeing St.Louis Lou (Jeanette Loff)?

Jim takes his pal Beezy and another friend to the club. Crandall wants to sign Jim to his pro team the St.Louis Lions. He sicks Lou on him to convince him. Crandall  offered him a deal where he’s get five percent of the gate and twenty grand. Into the club walks a professor sent to make sure none of the team is there boozing it up. A brawl starts and Jim slugs the prof. Since he didn’t know what he was doing the prof doesn’t report him.

Too bad the papers were on hand and Jim made the headlines. That gets him expelled. Crandall wants nothing to do with him now that he no longer plays football. Jim pounds the pavement and ends up in a bread line. Lou spots him and takes him to the club.

Jim sees a police detective trying to get into the back room where’s there’s gambling. He tells Lou who the guy is. She gets Crandall over. As payback, Crandall gives him a shot with the team. He tells the coach to pass along to the players that Jim has a swelled head and they’re asked to sabotage him.

It’s a miserable first half and the crowd boos Jim. Halftime in the locker room. Lou walks in and reads the riot act to the coach. She says all the sports writers know her and she’ll tell them the real story of pro football. That gets their attention. Jim scores the winning touchdown and is a hero.

Crandall’s steamed that a romance has bloomed between Jim and Lou. Jim’s college girlfriend Eleanor (Roberta Gale) isn’t too happy either. Crandall ends up signing him to a five year deal. Jim will later regret it.

The football element makes this a bit different. It’s not a movie to search out but worth a look if you happen to stumble across it.


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2 Responses to St.Louis Woman (1934)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    Huh. This seems like an example of a very specific genre, but I’m not sure what the genre is exactly.

  2. vintage45 says:

    If I had to be specific I’d put in the sports-crime category but it shouldn’t be compared to classics like “The Harder They Fall” or any other movie involving the two in a storyline. This one is really minor league.

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