One Way Ticket To Hell (Teenage Devil Dolls) (1955)

one way ticket to hell (teenage devil dolls) 1955

Not the sexploitation flick the rebranding would have you think. The sexual content is zero and the camp factor is almost non existent. There’s the obligatory withdrawal scene near the end that’s good for a few chuckles but that’s it. The whole thing is narrated by Kurt Martell as Lt.David Jason who is portrayed by Robert A.Sherry. The documentary style avoids hysterics and morality lectures. No one has any dialogue.

It opens with teenage Cassandra on her way to rehab in Lexington, Kentucky in 1952. She and the coppers are being followed by drug dealer Cholo, He’s played by Bamlet Lawrence Price,Jr., the writer and director.

Flashback to when it all started…1949. Cassandra is a sweet high school girl who gets involved with a motorcycle gang. They head out of town to smoke some weed. The gang holds her in suspicion since she refuses to toke. Waiting for her outside of school is the faithful Johnny Adams who has a thing for her.

It doesn’t take long for Cassandra to to do some deep inhaling. She loses her friends and her grades. Johnny is still hanging in there. After graduation Cassandra can’t get into a college to even ask directions. The solution??? Marry Johnny. Soon she finds something worse to bring her down….laundry. To help her fight boredom Johnny gets her a dog. That only lasts a few weeks until she sees a motorcycle go by and she’s hit by nostalgia.

She hooks back up with her old gang and drinks and tokes her life away. One day Johnny finds empty bottles of Seconal, aka/goofballs. She crashes their car and ends up in the hospital. The cops keep her there for three months. She’s released to her parents on parole.

She doesn’t know the cops are keeping tabs on her. Jason poses as a junkie. She eventually falls in with a drug gang that’s selling product from a drive in restaurant where she’s been installed as a car hop. Then the boss puts her in an apartment across from the high school to make it easy for the kids to make buys. She’s a good salesgirl until she becomes too fond of the product.

Jason and his troops raid the joint. Cassandra is given a break if she’ll provide info on the gangs. She’s paroled back home again. One day after that ends she heads for the sleazy part of town. She comes across heroin addict Margo Rossi going through withdrawals in a doorway. It’s the basis for a new friendship. They go into business together and the addicts dig the novelty of buying from women. Margo’s old boss soon shuts that down. Margo is readdicted and Cassandra starts mainlining.

Now the cops get serious and start a clean up campaign. Margo is headed for a bad end and Cassandra is on her way to getting mixed up with a car theft/drug ring headed by Cholo. Can this girl ever be saved?

It’s only an hour but the ending is stretched out too long. The movie isn’t over the top or preachy and is worth a look for at least part of the way just to check out the documentary style. You’ll probably find yourself giving up at some point when the novelty wears off.


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