Guns Girls And Gangsters (1959)

guns girls and gangsters 1959

Can’t resist a movie with Lee Van Cleef as a psycho. It’s all about an elaborate plan to rob an armored truck. It’s carrying the proceeds from New Year’s weekend in Las Vegas to a bank in L.A.

Chuck Wheeler (Gerald Mohr) and his San Quentin cellmate Mike Bennett (Lee Van Cleef) come up with a plan for a two million dollar robbery. Chuck is released and heads for Vegas. He pulls some stunts in order to get club owner Joe Darren (Grant Richards) and singer Vi Victor (Mamie Van Doren) involved. One of his moves is to shoot out a tire in Darrin’s car at a motel near the California border. He also makes the moves on Vi. She wrote Mike that she was getting a divorce.

Chuck is staying in a trailer with fellow ex con Largo (Paul Fix). He’s also in on the robbery. Chuck manipulates Darren and his henchman to meet him at the trailer where he explains everything. Darren needs money so he’s in. Vi also has a part. She’s to stay at the motel and write down all the vehicles that stop there and at what times.

While at the motel Vi makes friends with the owners, a nice pair of young people named Steve and Ann Thomas. Before she got there Joe tells her he can’t marry her. He’s broke and needs the money from the robbery. He also knows Mike is due for parole in three months.

The plan is falling into place. Everything looks like it’ll go off like clockwork. Then Darren charges into the motel room where Vi is with Chuck. He’s got a newspaper. Mike, furious at Vi’s divorce plans, has busted out. He’s headed their way. He also wants in on the robbery he helped plan.

This is a good one and well worth searching out. Van Cleef is over the top but fun to watch.


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