Jukebox Jury (1959-90)

juke box jury

The show had a panel of celebrities that rated new records. The show started its TV run in 1953-54 and then went off the air until 1959 when it was syndicated in Britain and hosted by Peter Potter. Other hosts followed.

October 29,1960 episode: Panelists are Carmen McRae, gossip columnist Nancy Spain, disc jockey Pete Murray and actor-author Richard Wyler. The first record is “Blue Angel” by Roy Orbison. Carmen says it’s lousy and she detest this type of music. Pete hates it.  Nancy makes fun of it and says it’s a terrible record. Richard likes it. The jury still thinks it’ll be a hit.

Next up is ” Just Call Me’ by Lloyd Price. Pete likes Lloyd but hates the record. Nancy says it does nothing for her. Richard calls it dreary noise. Carmen says it’s nothing. Unanimous decision says it’s a miss.

Nest up is an instrumental by the Ted Taylor Four called “M-1.” Nancy liked it. Richard says he can take it or leave it. Carmen says it sounded like everyone was belching and repetitious but young people will probably make it a hit. Pete says he’d like it to be a hit. Then being introduced to the panel from backstage, Ted Taylor.

Now we hear “Just As Much As Ever” by Nat “King” Cole. Richard likes everything about it. Carmen says Nat can do no wrong. Pete loves it and Nancy isn’t happy about the lyrics but says it’ll be a hit.

Now it’s Connie Francis with “My Heart Has A Mind Of It’s Own.” Carmen doesn’t like the record or Connie’s singing even though she had nice things to say about Connie’s Italian record. Pete hates it and says it’s the worst record she ever made. Nancy calls it noise. Richard says he no longer likes Connie after hearing this record. Even though they didn’t like it they all think it’ll be a hit.

Next up is Paul Anka with “Summer’s Gone.” Pete hates it and calls it a very bad record that won’t be a hit. Nancy hates it. Richard says if he was a song publisher he’d back it all the way and thinks it’ll be a hit. Carmen says it’ the worst thing she’d heard in a long time. The panel says it’ll be a miss.

That’s it for this week. This is a fun show and worth checking out.


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