Slaves Of The Volcano God-Reel One Of The Cineverse Cycle-Craig Shaw Gardner (1989)

craig shaw gardner-slaves of the volcano god

First of three in the series. The next is “Bride Of The Slime Monster” (1990) followed by “Revenge Of The Fluffy Bunnies” (1990). This is for anyone who likes the B movies of the 30’s and 40’s. It’s not as much fun as I was hoping.

PR man Roger Gordon loves B movies. He also loves the knockout blonde Delores. She’s kidnapped by Dr.Dread and his minions who include the five foot Seymour who picks out the nickname Big Louie. Roger needs to find one of his old Captain Crusader decoder rings to get to the Cineverse to find her.

His first stop is the old west. He runs into a couple cowpokes named Bret and Bart. They’re opponents of the large Cavandish gang. They take Roger into a saloon so he can buy them a drink. He doesn’t have any money, just a credit card. Crawling on the floor is Doc, the town drunk. As the western adventure continues Big Louie becomes an ally. The two are trying to decide which one is the hero and which the sidekick. Appearing out of nowhere is the man in white who is the marshal. Roger recognizes him as his childhood hero, Captain Crusader.

Roger, Big Louis and Doc head for the headquarters of the Cavandish gang. The Law Of The West is in effect and that includes such B movie staples as the good guys guns never running out of ammo. Thanks to the ring they escape into……..a quick cycle of swashbucklers complete with pirates, sword fights and stupid songs. At one point the three end up in the dreaded Musical Comedy from where there may be no escape.

After dealing with the cycle they end up in the jungle where Roger meets another one of his heroes, Zabana The Jungle Prince. Three natives are heard approaching. Roger and company are surprised to see three men in business suits. They want to pave over the river for a parking lot. They plan on clearing the jungle for a shopping mall. Then Thuingamabob shows up. He stays a native and doesn’t like the posh British accents etc. that the three natives are using. He uses the name Bob. Zabana calls on his friends the animals to save the day.

Now Roger, Big Louie, Doc and Zabana are on a South Sea island. Roger finds Delores but she tells him to go away. At least the natives are friendly. Why shouldn’t they be since the group is going to be sacrificed to the volcano god.

As a B movie fan I expected a lot more satire but it didn’t go there. I did enjoy some elements but overall it fell flat. The laughs just didn’t multiply.



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