The Unexpected Dimension-Algis Budrys (Short Stories)

algis budrys-the unexpected dimension

Seven stories from 1954,55,57,58,59. Favorites:

“The Distant Sounds Of Engines” (1959) – Lenny is in the hospital. He lost both legs in a truck accident. The man in the other bed is a scientist. Both are trying to pass along their knowledge before dying. Lenny used to be a short order cook and has a good memory and appeases the man about remembering everything he says. The scientist doesn’t know that Lenny doesn’t understand anything he’s saying.

“Never Meet Again” (1957) – Germany has won world war two. Hitler and his minions are all gone and Berlin is a peaceful city. Doctor Professor Kempfer invents a device that takes him to a parallel world. Instead of a better life he ends up in Soviet controlled East Berlin.

“The Burning World” (1957 novelette) –  Joe Kimmensen is President of the League that oversees the now peaceful world. A dictator has been overthrown. There are problems in the mountains known as the Northwest. Some families are being burned out and there are rebel groups. Kimmensen is ill and retiring and that means a presidential election. His hand picked successor is his friend Jem Bendix. They’re opposed by the dictatorial Anse Messerschmidt. It looks like Messerschmidt may win since he knows how to sway a crowd. It could be a disaster in the making.

“The Executioners” (1955 novelette) – Welcome to a future world where judges are also the executioners.

Algis Budrys

Algis Budrys


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2 Responses to The Unexpected Dimension-Algis Budrys (Short Stories)

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    That cover is downright fantastic….

    I’ve been unimpressed with Budrys in a past. I’d love to find this collection–perhaps I’ll appreciate him more.

  2. vintage45 says:

    You may like this collection because it was the first one published. Depending on your viewpoint you may conclude that it was all downhill from there.

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