Room At The Bottom (1986-88)

James Bolum as Nesbitt Gunn

James Bolum as Nesbitt Gunn

Fair sitcom that takes place in a TV network called Mega. James Bolum is the demoted Nesbitt Gunn. Deborah Grant is his ex girlfriend Celia who works at the network..thanks to him.

Opening episode: November 9,1986 – “The Siege” – Drama producer Nesbitt Gunn finds out he’s being demoted to light entertainment after several failures. He’s on the eighteenth floor and will now have to work in the basement. He hung a banner out the window saying “I Shall Not Be Moved.” He barricades himself in his office.

The acting head of the network gets the Mega psychiatrist. He tries talking him out but then starts complaining about all the things he doesn’t have including his own parking space and a push button phone. Next up is Gunn’s live in girlfriend Cecila. He got her a job at the network and now she’s having an affair with the acting man in charge. She’s moving out of Gunn’s place. The network chaplain can’t get him out either.

Meanwhile in Montreux at an international TV convention the networks are selling their shows. The head of Mega isn’t beyond using sex,drugs and money to get what he wants. He finds out the BBC filmed Gunn’s banner. He has an an idea how to get him out of the office.

Kevin, Celia and the chaplain are all outside Gunn’s office when he hears them plotting to put something under the door. He thinks it’s tear gas and gets ready. An envelope is slipped under. It’s his bank statement. He comes out.

Everyone goes to the bar and they try and convince him it’ll be a better job but then they can’t keep the reality out of working for light entertainment and what he’ll have to put with. Back in Montreau the network Director General uses an underhanded way to get the BBC to kill the story about Gunn.


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