The Brain Eaters (1958)

the brain eaters 1958

Towards the end you’ll see future star Leonard Nimoy (spelled in the credits as Nemoy) in this dumb fun about parasites out to conquer the world. Prolific movie and TV actor Ed Nelson is the star. In the credits he’s Edwin Nelson. This isn’t nearly as bad as the title would suggest.

Glenn Cameron and his fiancee Elaine are headed back to Riverdale,Illinois to tell his father the mayor about their engagement, He stops the car after seeing some lights. They walk out and discover some dead animals and a mysterious large cone. After their report pushy Senator Walter K.Powers wants to investigate. To avoid any panic he demands it be kept quiet.

When he gets to Riverdale Glenn is there to meet him. His father has been missing. He takes him to the cone where Dr.Paul Kettering (Ed Nelson), his girlfriend and assistant Alice and Dr. Wyler are investigating. Paul crawls into the cone and later when he finally comes out he says there’s nothing in there but spiraling tunnels.

At city hall the mayor is back. He’s being forced to shoot himself in the head but fights off the urge. When Paul, Powers and the rest of the group arrive the mayor is hostile. He gets the gun and starts blasting away missing everybody. He’s shot down by a cop outside his office. An autopsy shows he would have died anyway in a day or two because of a thing on his neck. In the lab Paul and Alice discover the thing is a parasite.

Paul thinks the parasites are intelligent. At the cone Powers thinks there’s a ship in orbit controlling them. The group splits up to search for more parasites. Paul and Alice find a dead power company man. It takes them a while to hear one of the critters crawling around after leaving the dead man’s neck. Glenn and Elaine are locked in a cabin and end up fighting off a couple zombies.

Back at the mayor’s office the gang finds jars in a file cabinet. Paul figures that’s how the critters are moved around by the people they’ve attached themselves to. Powers sends a telegram to Governor Clinton asking for the state militia. He doesn’t know the telegrapher sent a message that everything was okay in Riverdale.

Paul doesn’t know it but Alice is another victim. At the cone they find a professor who had been missing for five years. He crawled out of the cone. He’s barely conscious at the hospital but manages to mumble what’s really going on.

It’s actually a decent ending including a cornball speech from missing scientist Dr.Kohl (Leonard Nimoy). If you’re looking for some drive-in movie fun then checks this one out.



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2 Responses to The Brain Eaters (1958)

  1. Cool! I’d forgotten both that Nimoy (Nemoy) appeared in this and that Bruno VeSota directed. I need to watch this again.

  2. vintage45 says:

    It looked like Leonard was developing the Spock persona as this movie.

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