Railroaded! (1947)

railroaded! 1947

John Ireland makes a great slimeball and Hugh Beumont  gives a good performance as a cop in this story of a young man framed for killing a cop during a robbery.

Clara Calhoun (Sheila Ryan) runs a beauty shop that’s a front for a bookie joint owned by nightclub owner Jackland Ainsworth. One night after closing Clara gives a signal to two gunman waiting outside. They wear masks as they come into the shop to rob the proceeds. Clara’s assistant Marie screams and that brings a patrolling cop into the shop. He fires his gun and hits Cowie Kowalski (Keefe Braselle). The other robber, Duke Jordan (John Ireland) plugs him.

The two escape in a laundry truck owned by Steve Ryan. Cowie has always been bothering Steve’s sister Rosie (Jane Randolph) and Steve doesn’t like it. Duke drives to a doctor’s office and warns Cowie to put the blame on Steve. He’s more than glad to do that since Steve beat him up for bothering his sister. Duke promises he’ll get him out of the rap.

At the police station Marie insists both men had black hair while Clara says one had sandy hair.  The cops believe Clara and some planted evidence in the truck lead them to Steve. Sgt.Mickey Ferguson grew up around the corner from the Ryans’. He and his partner Chubb go and arrest Steve while his mother and sister look on.

After intense questioning they take Steve to the hospital. Cowie is on his death bed but still manages to identify Steve as the shooter. Rosie is convinced Steve is innocent but Mickey doesn’t buy it. Meanwhile Duke is at Clara’s apartment.  They set the whole thing up and plan to rob Jackland of the proceeds from his club and other interests.

Rosie shows up. Duke waits in another room. It doesn’t take long for a cat fight to break out. Rosie gets the best of Clara and then storms out. Duke is not sympathetic and is steamed that Clara told Rosie where she could find Marie. He says for her to pack because he wants her to hide out until Steve’s trial. He says he has to straighten out Marie.

Mickey is starting to have doubts that Steve is guilty and works on the case on his own time. Rosie gets a note from Duke to meet him at the Club Bombay where he’s the manager. Over at Clara’s apartment Mickey finds an important clue. His next stop is the club where he spots Rosie with Duke and joins them. Duke told Rosie he knows who’s framing Steve. Rosie gets mad at Mickey. Later on at Rosie’s house he warns her to stay away from Duke and shows her a copy of his arrest record. She doesn’t care and says she’ll do what she has to to prove that her brother is innocent.

A lot of good stuff to come in this good B movie. Ireland makes it a must see for crime fans.

Everyone knows Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver in “Leave It To Beaver” (1957-63).




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