Get That Man (1935)

get that man 1935

Nothing special as a man is forced to pose as the estranged son of a millionaire as a crooked P.I. tries to lay his hands on a fortune. He’s not alone.

The police are holding a lineup for crime victims. P.I. Jay Malone thinks he recognizes Jack Prescott. His millionaire father has died and Malone has plans. Too bad it’s the wrong guy. This is Jack Kirkland (Wallace Ford). He’s a cab driver arrested for driving the getaway car in a robbery.

At a cheap auto camp ninety miles outside L.A. Jack Prescott (Wallace Ford) drives up with his blonde wife Fay and their pal Don (Leon Ames). While Jack goes to make a phone call Fay and Don get up close and personal. Jack comes back and spots lipstick on Don. They brawl and Jack is killed.

Fay and Don take off. Now she’s a brunette and he wears glasses. No one ID’s Jack’s body in the auto camp room because there’s no record of his fingerprints. Same with Fay and Don.

Morgan finds out about it and get Jack released from jail and all charges dropped. In exchange Jack has to pose as Prescott. His cut will be a half million.

Jack goes to the Prescott mansion to say hello to his stepmother. He’s been away a long time. His seven year old half sister Diane has grown up. Yes she has. They fall for the masquerade. Stepmom invites Jack and Malone to stay in the house.

One day on the way to town with Diane, Jack is speeding and gets a ticket. Diane says she forgot to tell him the cop’s favorite hiding place. In town Jack walks past Fay and Don. When Jack and Diane leave a townsman tells them that was the rich Jack Prescott.

The two go to the mansion. Fay says she’s Jack’s wife. Diane isn’t happy. Stepmom invites them to stay too. Jack is getting edgy about the whole thing but Malone says if Jack comes clean they’ll both end up in the big house.

Fay blackmails Jack. She says she wants a hundred thousand bucks to go away quietly. Jack goes outside and comes clean to Diane. Meanwhile inside the house Morgan tells Fay and Don they’ll get nothing. Don pulls a gun and the two brawl.

Now the movie goes in action mode. It’s not enough to draw the viewer in. The ending is in the completely unrealistic “Awwww shucks” category designed to make everyone leave the theater happy.

If there’s anything interesting it’s seeing the young Leon Ames. TV viewers known him as Gordon Kirkwood, Wilbur Post’s neighbor on “Mister Ed” (1963-65). Before that he was Stanley Banks on “Father Of The Bride” (1961-62).


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