Anything But The Truth-Michael Underwood (1978)

michael underwood-anything but the truth

Good stand alone by the author of the Rose Epton series. In this one a local lowlife is on trail for hit and run. The victim was his mate. If you like good courtroom scenes then check this out as well as other Underwood books.

Ian Tanner is nineteen. He and his mates, Gino Evans and Mick Burleigh, like to hang out at the Monks Tale owned by the crooked Jeff Jakobson. Jeff is in Spain and Ian takes his car for a joy ride. He ends up being chased by the cops and speeding to get away. As a result he accidentally runs over Mick and kills him. He tries to hide the car but it’s all too late. Minor crook Billy Cox was a witness and the police found him over Mick’s body.

Six months go by and now Ian is on trial. He says Mick just jumped out in front of the car and he didn’t have time to stop. The prosecutor is the inexperienced Mr.Ridge and Ian’s lawyer is top man Andrew Batchford. The judge, Matthew Chaytor, has only been on the bench for a year. In the course of the trial it looks like everyone is lying about that night. Adding to Chaytor’s troubles is his son Peter. He can’t hold a job, occasionally leaves home and only returns when he wants money and hangs out at the Monks Tale.

Mixed in to all this is a villain named Totty Sweetman. Billy Cox is a member of his gang. All the characters are involved in the incident in some way shape or form.  The trial is being watched over by Temporary Constable Patrick Bramley. He gives his testimony and gets involved in the eventual solution. Causing further complications, Jeff ends up dead. Right before that Peter is heard having a loud argument with him.

The book doesn’t get bogged down when it drifts into the lives of the main characters. It’s a quick read and an entertaining one.


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