The Guilty (1947)

the guilty 1947

Good B movie based on a story by noir master Cornell Woolrich. Bonita Granville plays twins. One of them ends up dead. The always reliable Regis Toomey gives a good performance as a cop.

Most of the movie is told via flashback as Mike Carr (Don Castle) drops into the local bar and tells the story to Tim the bartender. Six months have gone by and Mike is waiting for Estelle Mitchell (Bonita Granville). Her sister Linda (Bonita Granville) was murdered.

Linda was the girlfriend of Mike’s roommate Johnny Dixon. Johnny was wounded at the battle of the bulge and has been released from the psycho ward of an army hospital. He still gets attacks.  Estelle wants Johnny for herself in spite of the fact she’s been going around with Mike.

Linda and Estelle go at it about Johnny and Linda gos to see him. Mike spots Estelle and stops her from going inside. They go to the bar. After a while Estelle says she’s going to call her mother to let he know she’s okay. She really calls Johnny. She doesn’t know an upset Linda is there.  Hours later Linda is missing. Johnny is drunk and admits to Mike that Linda was there earlier. He says the last he saw of her was when she whistled for a cab and left.

The police find a buckle from Linda’s raincoat in Mike and Johnny’s apartment. Later Mike goes to the washroom of the bar and sees another buckle outside the window and retrieves it.  The cops, led by Detective Heller (Regis Toomey) head to arrest Johnny for Linda’s murder. Mike gives him his coat and hat and allows him to sneak out. Heller takes Mike to the morgue to see Linda’s body.

Mike wants Johnny to come out of hiding and clear himself. Johnny pulls a gun but that doesn’t work and Mike takes him back to their place. Back at Mike and Johnny’s, Estelle is there with Alex Tremholt (John Litel). He’s been rooming with the sisters and their mother for years.

There are a number of surprises in store and don’t need any spoilers from me. This is well worth checking out.

Bonita Granville gained fame as a child actress when she portrayed Nancy Drew in 1939. In 1954 she was the Executive Produce of “Lassie.”

Don Castle was an Associate Producer of the “Lassie” TV series.



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