Cosmic Engineers-Clifford D.Simak (1950)

clifford d simak-cosmic engineers

The year is 6948. It’s the end of the entire universe unless a handful of humans and aliens can stop it.  A group of character actors could have gotten together with American International to film this kind of story. It’s a fun read that includes a couple newspaper people and a genius twenty year old female that could save us all.

Gary Nelson is a reporter and Herb Harper is a photographer. They’re doing a series called “Know Your Solar System” for the Evening Rocket. It’s all about life on the planets and moons. They’re told to hightail it to Pluto where daredevil Tommy Evans is getting his ship ready to fly to Alpha Centauri before the government can stop him.

Before they get there a derelict ship is spotted. Gary goes on board and finds twenty year old Caroline Martin in suspended animation. She’s been that way for a thousand years. Back then Earth-Mars were at war with Jupiter. She invented something that could have destroyed Jupiter. She refused to give it to the government and was branded a traitor. For the past thousand years all she could do was use her brain to think about time and space. She was also getting thought messages from a group calling themselves the Cosmic Engineers.

On Pluto at Trail’s End they meet Tommy and Dr.Kingsley. It’s revealed that Caroline had discovered the geosector. It could drive a ship by space warp. Kingsley says they’ve been getting messages they don’t understand. Caroline puts her brain to work and says they are a call for help from the Cosmic Engineers. The universe is headed for a collision with another universe. They’ll need her invention and Tommy’s ship to get to the rim of the universe to meet them.

They arrive to a huge city populated by metal men who communicate by telepathy. The group is taken to a meeting with a group of aliens that look like they’re from a Lovecraftian nightmare. The common danger is the Hellhounds. They’re a race that is so warlike that they see the coming catastrophe as a chance to destroy the Engineers. Only a few Hellhounds would be left but they don’t care. They plan to go to the point where the universe would start again and take over the new universe.

The Cosmic Engineers decide the gathered aliens are no help at all and send them home. Gary and Caroline take off to meet a future race that may not even exist to help in the fight. They’ll run into a mind that’s insane and other big trouble. It’s up to them to save everybody and everything.

A fun read that has a lot of impossible situations but then again this is the year 6948.


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2 Responses to Cosmic Engineers-Clifford D.Simak (1950)

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    Simak’s pulpiest morsel (not sure it’s a morsel) but definitely nowhere near his unique pastoral visions written in the 50s… Fun book, I guess. But, I am finding that pulp holds my interest less and less as I age (still not 30).

  2. vintage45 says:

    You may find you’ll stay away from pulp for a number of years and then get hit with the urge to get into some mindless fun and search some out. I do that with the old “Flash Gordon” serials. I watched them as a kid than as an alleged adult go back to them once in a while.

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