Never Take Sweets From A Stranger (1960)

never take sweets from a stranger 1960

A good movie about a disturbing subject. The family patriarch of a rich family in a small Canadian town is a pedophile. Many including his son cover for him. This is not an exploitation film and it doesn’t contain any scenes implying sexual activity. It was released in America as “Never Take Candy From A Stranger.”

Nine year old Jean Carter (Janina Faye) and eleven year old Lucille Demarest are playing in the woods. Jean loses her purse containing money for candy. Lucille says she knows where they can get some. The go to the Olderberry house. They don’t know that seventy year Clarence Olderberry has been spying on them.

Pete Carter (Patrick Allen) has gotten a job as the town’s high school principal. Jean tells Pete and her mother Sally (Gwen Watford) about what happened. She says the old man told them to take their clothes off and dance for him and he’d give them candy. He didn’t touch them. Jean thinks it’s all innocent.

Pete wants to go to the cops but Jean’s grandmother talks him out it. When Jean has a nightmare Pete makes a police report. Captain Hammond doesn’t take it seriously. It’s obvious he’s concerned about the Olderberry family. They own the sawmill, the major industry in town.

Clarence’s son Roger tells Pete to drop it or else his defense attorney will be instructed to tear into Jean on the stand. That’s exactly what happens. Things gets real nasty as the defense attorney threatens to have Jean put through psychiatric evaluation.

Lucille’s parents sent her away to avoid the trial. The prosecution subpoenaed her anyway. A note from a doctor is sent in saying she’s too ill to testify. Realizing he’ll get nowhere with the case Pete decides to have the charges dropped. Defense council wants the jury to make it official with a not guilty verdict.

Disgusted with all the cover ups Pete puts in his resignation. Roger tells him they won’t accept it because it may make his family look bad. Pete says his decision is final. The Carter’s are packing up to leave town when things gets worse…a lot worse.

It may get you angry about how fear can make people ignore heinous crime but this is definitely worth seeing.


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