House Of Danger (1934)

house of danger 1934

Entertaining little movie that comes to a quick ending. Looks like the writers couldn’t think of another way out.

Don Phillips (Onslow Stevens) and his pal Ralph Nelson (James Bush) are heading home after ten years in the South Seas. A fire breaks out and the ship blows up. They end up on an island.

They trade identities in order to find out who killed Ralph’s wealthy father. Don is suspicious of his cousin Martin. He says there’s always been some pressure on him to marry Sylvia Evans (Janet Chandler). Don as Ralph is not doing the best job at the masquerade but everyone is buying it…except Weatherby the family lawyer.

Don admits privately to Weatherby what’s going on. Weatherby wasn’t fooled for a second. He tells Don to keep going so he can protect Sylvia from Martin. Martin wants to marry her since she’s getting half the estate. Don keeps trying to fight off his attraction to Sylvia while trying to get the goods on Martin and the new butler he hired, Gordon.

Gordon says the old man was having dizzy spells and fell over a cliff before he could get to him. One day Don leaves for San Francisco without saying why. Weatherby opens a telegram addressed to Don as Ralph. It’s from the real Ralph. He’s on his way back.

Don found out that Gordon is a fake and has a criminal record. Meanwhile Ralph is jealous of Sylvia’s interest in Don. Weatherby tries to smooth that over. Martin is in a panic. He thinks they’ve been exposed. Gordon says leave it all up to him.

Even though the ending is rushed and has been used a few thousand times elsewhere this is still worth a look. It’s not worth going out of the way for but if you stumble across it and have a spare hour, check it out.

Onslow Stevens had a thirty year career including appearing in episodes of TV westerns.

Onslow Stevens

Onslow Stevens



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