The Argyle Secrets (1948)

the argyle secrets 1948

B movie that sinks itself by relying way too much on convenience to get out of situations and that drops any credibility to below zero. It’s all about the search for a book called The Argyle Album that contains names of traitors during world war two.  Along the way you’ll spot future sitcom stars Marjorie Lord (“Make Room For Daddy”), John “Sgt.Schultz” Banner (“Hogan’s Heroes”) and Barbara Billingsley (“Leave It To Beaver”).

Newspaper columnist Allen Pierce has been teasing his readers about a coming expose of collaborators during world war two. Names are in a book called The Argyle Album. Pierce is in the hospital and allows fellow reporter Harry Mitchell (William Gargan) to visit. He gives him a photo of the album’s cover. Harry goes to get him some water. When he comes back there’s a scalpel in Pierce’s chest. He’s a goner. Harry escapes but is suspect number one. His photographer is found behind a curtain. He’s dead with a scalpel in his chest.

Harry goes to Pierce’s apartment and finds Pierce’s secretary Elizabeth Court (Barbara Billingsley) there. She tries to stop him from searching the place and that gets her a right cross. He doesn’t find anything.  Into the apartment is a man named Archie who is armed with a sword cane and a gun. Harry gets the best of him and puts him in a room where he has Elizabeth tied and gagged in a chair. On the way out he runs into Marla (Marjorie Lord).

Harry runs afoul of Marla’s friends Mr.Winter (John Banner), Scanlon and Gil Hobrey). Thinking that Harry knows where the album is they work him over. With Marla’s cooperation Harry escapes out a window and down the fire escape. He follows up on a name he found in Pierce’s notebook. It’s Jor McBrod. He owns a salvage company. He’s also a fence.

McBrod has Harry at gunpoint when Archie comes in. Archie and McBrod manage to shoot each other and Harry takes off. Harry turns himself in to Lt.Samson. They know each other and are not exactly pals. Samson doesn’t hold him for Pierce’s murder since he has a new suspect. Harry goes back to see Marla who agrees to work with him. His next stop is a room below where Scanlon is staying.

The movie gets pretty dumb from here on out and it looks like the “writers” just gave up.


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