Hi-De-Hi! (1980-88)


Set inside a holiday camp in England  in 1959. Their leader is the camp host Ted Bovis (Paul Shane). Hi De Hi is the camp’s greeting. Shane is excellent as the man who keeps the corn coming to entertain the campers. Jeffery Holland is the camp comic Spike Dixon. Simon Cadell is the professor turned entertainment director Jeffrey Fairbrother.

Pilot Episode: January 1,1980 – “Hey Diddle Diddle” – Jeffrey Fairbrother is an Archeology professor at Cambridge. He’s bored and he thinks he bores everyone else and wants a change. He takes a job as entertainment director of Maplins Holiday Camp.

On the train to his new job two men barge into his compartment. They’re Ted Bovis and Spike Dixon. Ted thinks he should have gotten the entertainment director job at the camp. Jeffrey keeps quiet and doesn’t let on who he is.

When he gets to the camp the lustful Peggy Ollerenshaw shows him his room and gives him the not so subtle hint that she’d like to spend some time there. Ted and Spike share a room. Ted shows him the funny costumes he’ll wear everyday and explains that he’ll be thrown in the pool a lot to make the campers laugh. Jeffrey also meets the sports organizer Gladys Pugh (Ruth Madoc). She also handles the camp’s PA announcements.

Time to gather at the pool and meet the staff. Your host is the congenial Ted.  Between picking fake arguments with Spike resulting in his being tossed in the pool he introduces the staff. They include a snobbish dance team, a bad guitarist-singer who thinks he’s Elvis and  a man who does a puppet show for kids who just happens to hate kids.

Jeffrey is supposed to come out in a chef’s hat with some custard pies. He’s so shy Ted has to tell him what to do and then he puts a pie in his face. The campers are there for a week and every night is a different theme. Monday is Krazy Night. At the end of the week Jeffrey is packing up to go. He knows it’s not for him. A couple of elderly campers change his mind.

If Holiday Camps are even close to this they should post a sign that says Welcome To Hell. That doesn’t mean this show isn’t very funny and a must see sitcom.

Paul Shane was Alf Stokes on “You Rang M’Lord?” (1988-93) and Su Pollard played his daughter Ivy on the show. Jeffrey Holland was also on the show as James Twelvetrees.


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