Deathmate-Martin Caidin (1982)

martin caidin-deathmate

A good one about a man who turns into a mass executioner with an insatiable blood lust. Some readers will need a strong stomach to get through the first section about the man’s experiences in Vietnam.

It’s the early 60’s. Ron Previn was just trying to earn some big money by working in the oil fields of South Vietnam. With him are friends Gary and George. Americans are being killed in the most brutal manner possible by a group from the North known as the Cong.When George is killed in an act of sabotage, Ron’s peaceful days are over. Two government men meet Ron and Gary and ask if they want revenge. It means giving up his job but Ron is all for it.

Ron and Gary are sent to rescue an eleven year old American girl who was kidnapped by the Cong. Before leaving they’re trained on various weapons and explosives by a huge man named Mike. During the mission they destroy a village and kill everyone in sight. They find the girl who is almost dead after horrific abuse.

Ron and Gary agree to go on further missions for five thousand dollars each. They kill hundreds of people with huge explosions and countless bullets. and then something happens that changes Ron and he and Gary are transferred back to a private hospital in the States. Gary is a total wreck and Ron never sees him again. Ron is haunted by voices in his head but manages to get everything under control.

Seven years go by. Ron has moved to a small town in upstate New York. He gets a good welding job and meets a girl named Pat. He gets married has a couple kids and life is good. Then Pat gets a blood disease and is hanging on in the hospital. Ron’s boss has retired to Florida. The man’s brother  manages to burn down the business for the insurance and now Ron has to work two jobs.

In between going from one job to another Ron stops into a bar for one beer. His peace is shattered when a man comes in and starts to blab about Vietnam. Ron snaps and almost kills him. His former bosses manage to cover everything up and no charges are filed. Later on the man’s wife shows up and she and Ron have a one night stand. Now Ron is filled with guilt. It’s all downhill from there.

Ron loses everything. Pat dies and the kids are sent to their grandmothers house. Ron never sees them again. He drifts across the country and ends up with a group in Florida who are all killers just like he was in Vietnam. His old bosses have never stopped keeping an eye on him.

Ron has had it. The final section of the book is packed with enough action to please thriller fans.

Michael Caidin

Michael Caidin


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