The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1936)

the man who could work miracles 1936

Wells adapted his own story of the search for utopia and the temptations of greed and war. Some funny moments and a good performance from Roland Winters along with a lot of nice special effects as Wells uses fantasy and comedy as social commentary. Look among the three celestial beings for George Sanders.

A celestial experiment gives George Fotheringay (Roland Winters) the ability to work miracles. His first is to turn a ceiling lamp in a pub upside down and have the candle still burn. When it crashes to the floor he’s tossed out.

At home he makes his furniture go up and down and then makes a cat appear. When the cat scratches him he turns it into a stuffed animal and removes the scratches from his hand. Outside his house he turns his walking stick into a tree that attacks Constable Winch who wants to arrest him. George tells him to go to blazes and that’s exactly where he ends up. Not wanting to leave him wherever that is, George sends him to San Francisco.

The next day at the drapery shop where he’s a clerk he cures employee Maggie’s sprained arm and takes away Effie Brickman’s freckles. George wants clerk Ada Price (Joan Gardner) to fall for him. That’s one miracle he can’t perform.

His boss wants him to expand the business worldwide and the banker doesn’t want him to free the world from want. Later he goes to the local Vicar Silas Maydig for advice. He wants him to wipe out disease. He also wants him to stop his neighbor, Colonel Winstanley (Ralph Richardson) from drinking.

George turns the Colonel’s whiskey into something non-alcoholic and his sword collection onto ploughshares. His confused butler Moody (George Zucco) has no explanation. George tells the Colonel he’s going to start a new Golden Age that afternoon. The Colonel and his wealthy friends panic and the Colonel gets his elephant gun and takes a shot at George.

That’s the final straw. George decides he wants the world to run his way and he proceeds to start his own version of a Golden Age.


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