Cash On Demand (1961)

cash on demand 1961

One of my favorite British crime movies. Peter Cushing and Andre Morell give terrific performances in a simple storyline. A bank manager’s wife and son are held hostage so the bank can be robbed. This is an actors movie and they make it a must see.

Harry Fordyce (Peter Cushing) is the Scrooge like manager of a small branch of a London bank. He’s a perfectionist and expects no less from his staff. It’s Christmas and Fordyce won’t even contribute to the employees fund for their Christmas party. Of course they don’t want Fordyce there. No worries. He never shows up. He calls head teller Pearson on the carpet for initialing a daily balance book that was ten pounds short. One of the tellers overpaid a depositor and they knew he would bring the money back. He did and it all came out even. For Fordyce it’s the principal of the thing. Pearson could lose his job after eleven years on the staff.

Colonel Gore Hepburn (Andre Morell) shows up. He’s from the London company that insures the banks money and is on an inspection tour. He’s in Fordyce’s office with Pearson. When Pearson leaves Hepburn tells Fordyce that he’s actually there to rob the bank.

He says two partners are holding Fordyce’s wife and young son hostage at their home. Two electrodes are attached to his wife’s head. If Fordyce doesn’t cooperate her brain will be fried.

From here on out the suspense gets ratcheted up and to give away even a minute would be a disservice. Do yourself a favor and see this one.


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