The Human Angle-William Tenn (Short Stories)

william tenn-the human angle

Eight stories from 1948,55,56. If you like a good dose of satire with your SF then this is the collection for you. Favorites:

“Project Hush” (1954) – A super secret Army project sends four men to the Moon to set up a base. Looks like someone got there before them. They don’t have a clue as to who or what is inside that dome.

“The Discovery Of Morniel Mathaway” (1955) – Morniel thinks her’s the greatest artist in the world. No one else does, not even his only friend Dave an unsuccessful poet. One day they get a visit from Glescu. He’s from the year 2487. He is considered an expert on Morniel who is considered the greatest painter that ever lived and even wrote the definitive book on him. How did this happen?

“The Servant Problem” (1955) –  Who’s running the planet? Garomma thinks her’s “The Servant Of All.” The people go ecstatic when they see him and to touch his garment….one of life’s greatest thrills. What Garomma doesn’t know is that he’s being controlled by his Education Minister. He doesn’t realize that he is controlled by his psychiatrist who is actually under the control of………”This is the day of complete control” depends on who’s really in charge. This is a great story.

“Party Of The Two Parts” (1954) – L’Payr is a habitual criminal from the planet Gret. One more offense and he’s off to prison for life. He’s caught selling porn to kids and that’s it. The amoeba like creature steals a ship and heads for Earth. A biology professor comes across him in an alley. Doesn’t seem to phase him that the puddle is actually an alien. L’Payr does the only thing he can to raise money to get back into space…sell porn. The professor has a good use for it. The title of the story comes into play towards the end.

“The Flat-Eyed Monster” (1955) – Assistant Lit professor Clyde Manship  is teleported to a planet with tentacled creatures that look like suitcases. They can’t send him back.He can hear their thoughts but he can’t send his back. The aliens think he’s a monster. Eventually he tries to escape and there’s something about his eyes the aliens consider a death beam and it kills them. Clyde, clad only in his apple green pajamas gets away. The bulletin goes out…the monster is on the loose.

William Tenn

William Tenn


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2 Responses to The Human Angle-William Tenn (Short Stories)

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    “The Servant Problem” was my favorite in the collection! Nice review — I adored this one.

  2. vintage45 says:

    Tenn needs to be rediscovered. A movie was made from his book “The Four Sided Triangle” in Britain in 1953.

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