The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (1956-60)

Jack Kerouac-Steve Allen

Jack Kerouac-Steve Allen

Classic variety show hosted by Steve with a great crew of regulars and top guests.

November 16,1959 episode – Show opens with a sketch with Steve playing piano as tonight’s guests and show regulars do some comedy.  Steve brings on Frankie Laine who sings “Lover Come Back To Me.” Now a Plymouth commercial.

Steve does “The Allen Report To The Nation”, a bit about the common cold and brings on Louis Nye as a the owner of a factory that makes medicine for colds.  Bandleader Les Brown comes out as a man that was experimented on. Next up is Don Knotts as bacteriologist Professor Dorton. The bit closes with Louis.

Steve recommends a couple books. One is “Exodus” by Leon Uris The next is “Gentlemen, Scholars And Scoundrels-The Best From Harper’s Magazine From 1850 To The Present.” The theme to “Richard Diamond” is heard and that brings on Pam, Garner to sing the vocal version called “The Girl With The Long Black Hair.” Plymouth commercial.

Steve intros a bit about TV shows that use canned laughter. The sketch is about over using it. William Bendix is the featured player. Then Steve brings on billboard girl Vicki Dugan. They plug next week’s show with Mickey Rooney, Mel Torme and June Christy. Steve shows a picture of his mother who was a vaudeville actress. He says the two will do her old act next week. Steve will reprise his father’s part. Also appearing will be The Nutty Squirrels who had a hit with “Uh-Oh.”

Pat Harrington,Jr. comes out and brings on the bit called “The Question Man” with Steve. Pat gives him the answer and Steve gives the question…Is this where “Jeopardy” came from?  It didn’t start until 1964. It also influenced Johnny Carson to do Karnak.

Dancers come out with a Jazz routine. That leads to Jack Kerouac. Steve accompanies him on piano while Jack reads from “On The Road.”  Another Plymouth commercial for the 1960 model.. This one has Don Knotts.

Frankie Laine is back and sings “The Hard Way”.”  Steve closes the show and introduces the guests and the regulars including Dayton Allen and Gabriel Dell.





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