They Never Come Back (1932)

Regis Toomey wonders if he should have learned at least some boxing before doing boxing scenes

Regis Toomey wonders if he should have learned at least some boxing before doing boxing scenes

Fun movie because of some awkward acting, loose writing and absolute proof boxing scenes have come a long,long way. Simple story about an aw shucks kinda guy that’s framed.

Jimmy Nolan (Regis Toomey) is in the biggest fight of his career. Just before heading to the ring he gets a telegram saying his mother just died. He loses the bout and his left arm is damaged. His power punch is his left so he’s washed up.

He brings his sister Mary to the city and he looks for work. Finally his manager sets him up with their friend Kate (Gertrude Astor) who manages a nightclub. Jimmy is the bouncer. The main attraction is dancer Adele (Dorothy Sebastion). Jimmy digs her. After a performance Jimmy hears Adele telling someone to get out of her dressing room. Jimmy comes in and tosses him out. Kate drops it on Jimmy that the man is Jerry Filmore, the owner of the joint. Instead of firing him, Filmore tells Kate that he wants him to stick around.

Adele and her brother Ralph share an apartment. Ralph is the cashier at the club. She doesn’t see him stuff some money in his shoe. The next night at the club Filmore is giving Ralph the look. Ralph asks Jimmy to take over the cash register for a little bit.

The club is closing. Ralph tells Filmore the register is five hundred bucks short. Filmore sends for the beat cop. The cop searches Ralph. No money there. Then he searches Jimmy. Uh-Oh. Filmore presses charges and Jimmy gets six months.

While he’s in stir Ralph and Mary become an item. Adele visits him every week. One night Filmore is at Adele’s place and there’s a knock on the door. It’s Jimmy. He got out a day earlier than he told Adele. Filmore and Adele leave and Jimmy tells Mary to pack her stuff. Before everything gets straightened out Jimmy has his work cut out for him.

The fight scenes in and out of the ring are really bad. It’s worth seeing this just for the unintentional laughs.


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