The Judge (1949)

the judge 1949

Hands down, no question about it, this is one of the dumbest, stupidest, idiotic, asinine movies I’ve ever seen. There’s a scene where the lawyer’s wife gets a cap pistol for his nephew. He says that’s a fine present for the son of a man who killed himself.

Defense lawyer Martin Strang (Milburn Stone) is a defense attorney who has gotten at least a hundred murderers off. One of his previous clients is James Tillton. This time Tillton’s crippled eleven year old neighbor is practicing the violin. Tillton can’t stand it. He goes next door and kills him and then shoots his dog. Strang got him off a year ago on a similar charge.

Strang gets a call from Police Lt.Edwards (John “Perry White” Hamilton). Police psychiatrist Dr.Jim Anderson is about to see Tillton. Last night Strang spotted Anderson  with his wife Lucille. Strang makes a plan.He searches his wife’s purse and finds an apartment key. He makes a wax impression and gets a copy made.

Under truth serum it turns out Tillton couldn’t stand the way his brother played violin note for note. He hated it even more because he couldn’t play it at all thanks to a deformed hand. (I have to wonder if the “writers” had gone into hiding by now).

Anderson leaves the office for a minute. That gives Strang the chance to steal his gun and some ammo from a cabinet. In the park is William Jackson. He has a portable stand where he uses mechanical toys as a distraction so he can steal wallets. He gets caught and runs off. He’s chased by patrolman Riley. Last night Riley’s wife had twins and Strang gave him a hundred bucks because of a bet. Jackson shoots and kills Riley. Strang is his lawyer.

Strang says he doesn’t want money. He’ll represent him if he does him a favor. Jackson says he’d kill for him. Strang finds a loophole and the judge (Jonathan Hale) has no choice but to dismiss the case.

Now it’s favor time. Strang gets Jackson to agree to put on a strait jacket. They’re going to play Russian roulette. From here on out it gets even dumber. This is just unbelievable. If you want to see how bad a movie can be then waste your time with this one.

Milburn Stone had a lot better luck as Doc on “Gunsmoke” (1955-75).

Look for character actor Herb Vigran as a reporter.

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2 Responses to The Judge (1949)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I’m intrigued by how dopey this all sounds.

  2. vintage45 says:

    There’s some fun in seeing how stupid it gets. Just when you think it’s reached the bottom it gets even lower.

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