Murder On The High Seas (Love Bound) (1932)

Verna Wilson (Natalie Moorhead) thinks about her next victim

Verna Wilson (Natalie Moorhead) thinks about her next victim

Verna Wilson (Natalie Moorhead) is a gold digger who knows how to extort money. Her latest victim is millionaire John Randolph. She just won a big settlement in court against him. Randolph’s wife can’t handle it and wants to leave. Their son Dick (Jack Mulhall) has an idea.

Meanwhile at Verna’s place she and her partner in crime Juan DeLeon have a plan for their next victim. Oil millionaire Lucky Morrison is sailing to Europe. She gets a telegram warning her that Jimmy is out of jail and looking for revenge. Time for a boat trip.

Back at the Randolph’s, Lucky stops in. He says the article about him sailing is a phony he set up and he’s not going anywhere. Dick says he’ll have Larry the chauffeur pose as Lucky and they’ll take the cruise. They want to expose Verna for the blackmailer she’s always been.

Jimmy overhears Verna and Juan’s plans and he gets on board too. Larry tries his best to get Verna interested but she ends up falling for Dick. She hasn’t any idea of his real identity. Meanwhile Jimmy is skulking around and finally makes his presence known to Verna and Juan. Life on board ship just got complicated.

Minor league movie that’s more soap than substance.



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