Docks Of San Francisco (1932)

docks of san francisco 1932

One of the best B crime movies of the era. Belle wants to get married and go straight. Dream on, Belle.

On the docks theworkerss are getting paid. Hiding in wait to grab a pay envelope or two is Belle (Mary Nolan). When she sees a picture of her victim’s three kids she gives him his money back. She goes back to the Coal Hole to tell her boss Vance (John Davidson) she’s quitting the gun moll biz.

Into the joint walk four swells including novelist John Banning (Jason Robards). One of his friends gets scammed. Vance is hurting Belle’s arm and John takes exception. He and Vance brawl and one of Vance’s gang pulls a rod. John gets it and the battle is over. John and his friends leave.

Belle is telling her roommate Rose she’s quitting. Vance comes over. He tells Rose to wait in the hall. He tells Belle he’s quitting too and says he’ll marry her and get a cottage in the country. He tells Belle to meet him in back of the Coal Hole and they’d be off to a Justice of the Peace.  She and Rose leave as three of Vance’s gang stop by. He tells them they’re going to rob the waterfront bank that night. A cop upstairs is listening in. He has Belle’s place bugged.

John is saying goodbye to his pals as he’s off to his mountain cabin to finish his novel. They hear a police siren. The coppers are after the bank robbers. Bullets fly. One of the gang tosses Vance the bag of money. He gives it to Belle to hold for him. Vance gets winged and jumps in the water. He sees Belle get in a car. It’s John’s car. She forces him at gunpoint to drive away. Vance makes note of the license number.

John drives to his cabin. Belle still hasn’t put the gun away. He opens the bag and sees all that nice cash. Now he knows what it’s all about. Belle falls asleep and he grabs the gun. Now they can be friends over some ham and eggs. Meanwhile, Vance and his boys are on their way up the mountain.

From here on out it’s relentless action. This is a must see for fans of the era and those who just like crime movies. Cagney and Robinson were doing the A stuff and there were an endless supply of B and below. To save sorting through a lot of the junk, check this one out.



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