The Aliens Among Us-James White (Short Stories)

james white-the aliens among us

Seven stories from 1953,54,56-60,69. As always with White, the aliens really are alien. Favorites:

“Red Alert”  (1956 novelette) – An invasion force is headed for Earth. Among the aliens are the Elissni. They’re psychologists and get into the minds of Earth’s leaders. They’re hoping to start a global war.

“The Conspirators” (1954 novelette) – A research ship is carrying a load of lab animals. There’s also a ship’s cat named Felix. Through a fluke they become intelligent. Their goal is to escape on the next planet.

“The Scavengers” (1953 novelette) – A Human crew is destroying all life on a planet with insect like natives. Or ate they? Their motive isn’t what you think. It may be something different than genocide.

“Operation:Warrior” (1959 Sector General Novella) – Wars are fought by the weakest and most cowardly of the combatants. Major Dermod faints on purpose to get involved. The two sides are taken to a deserted planet that will be used for the combat. No one expected that the Major had a plan of his own. The aliens in the fight don’t know what they’re in for. Good combat SF.


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