Funny You Should Ask (1968-69)

funny you should ask

The panel on this episode consists of Dean Jones, Rose Marie, comedians Stu Gilliam and Marty Allen and Meredith MacRae. L.A. disc jockey Lloyd Thaxton is the host. The whole thing is contestants have to guess what star gave what answer to a certain question, A perfect game gets the winner the Funny Money jackpot.

The first question is from an Ann Landers column. , “I’m madly in love with a boy who doesn’t know how to kiss.” The panel has to answer what they would do if the one they love didn’t know how to kiss. Stu says keep practicing.  Rose Marie says she’d take him to her uncle’s farm and attach him to the milking machine. Dean says he wouldn’t care and just move on to bigger and better things. Meredith says she’d invite him for a romantic dinner and say, “School is open.” Marty says if the one he loved didn’t know how, “Put more men on the job.”

Out come the contestants who were in a sound proof booth. It’s a housewife named Rita and Dick, a football coach. They could win eleven hundred bucks. Lloyd reads the question and then gives the answers. The football coach gets one right. They both lose the second one. The housewife gets this one. The game is tied at one all. They both get the next one wrong. It’s a tie. They split a fifty dollar gift certificate from the Spiegel catalog.

Next question. “What magazine reflects your personality?” Dean says Motor Trend. Meredith says Modern Bride. Marty says Saturday Evening Post and Rose Marie says Popular Mechanics. Stu says Ladies Home Companion. Back come the contestants. The jackpot is now 12-hundred bucks.  They both get it wrong. The housewife gets the next one. They both miss the next one. The football coach gets the next one. Rita the housewife wins the round and gets some cheap gifts.

Next question, “If you were walking along the street and found a key, what would you like it to open?” Marty says he’d hope it would fit his wife’s diary. Rose Marie says a door to happiness and love and Kirk Douglas’ bedroom. Dean says if he was walking fast a mens room.  Meredith says a nursery with four children of her own.  Stu says unlock the Suez Canal to world commerce.

Third round. Money is up to 13-hundred bucks. Rita gets the first one.  They get this one wrong. Wrong again. They get the fourth one wrong. It ends up with Rita winning the game and getting a few bucks and a bunch of prizes. The jackpot is now up to fourteen hundred for the next show.


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