The Saint In Europe-Leslie Charteris (1953) (Simon Templar aka/The Saint Series)

leslie charteris-the saint in europe

More fun with the character created by Charteris in 1928 with “Meet-The Tiger!.”  He started out as a bad guy who took no prisoners and could care less who he robbed of jewelry and anything else he could take off with. Police departments around the world were alerted about him but could never get anything concrete on him. After years of this The Saint turned good guy….not completely. He still has sticky fingers. He’s suave and fast with a quip along with his fists and a gun and is one of the most entertaining of series characters. His nemesis in several books is Inspector Teal of Scotland Yard before Simon moved on to America and other ports of call.

This book has seven short stories that find Simon traveling through Europe. Favorites:

“The Covetous Headsman” – Simon is in Paris being warned by a police inspector. No nonsense while he’s in town. Before he leaves a knockout girl arrives. That’s all he needs to get involved. Her brother was murdered and then his head was cut off. Simon stays with the girl and protects her from an evil man who says he’s a friend of her late father.

“The Rhine” – Simon is on a train crossing the Rhine when he listens in as an older man is telling his young teenage daughter Greta (Yes, she’s a babe) about how proud he is that he can afford to take her to Germany where he is originally from and live well the rest of their lives. He worked for many years at a company in Ohio. He invested all his money in it for his retirement. Simon hates to do it but he shows him a paper where it says the company is bankrupt and the owner is missing along with all the money. The man spotted him on the train. Simon gets involved before the man can do something foolish.

“The Loaded Tourist” – Simon is in Lucerne,Switzerland. He just wants to be left alone. That is until he spots a man being robbed of his briefcase and stabbed to death. Simon tackles one assailant but he gets away. The victim’s widow says he was a shoe salesman from America. Simon doesn’t say anything after he discovers the briefcase in the bushes. Then he sees what’s inside. The man was no shoe salesman.

“The Latin Touch” – Simon is in Rome. He meets an attractive girl outside the Coliseum. Next thing he knows is someone hits him over the head. He wakes up in jail. He’s surprised as a visitor is the American Secretary of State. The girl is his daughter. She’s been kidnapped by the Mafia. Simon has a plan to get her back.

Leslie Charteris

Leslie Charteris


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