The Speed Reporter (Deadline) (1936)

the speed reporter 1936

Once again Richard Talmadge uses his acrobat background to fight, run, jump, fall and never run out of breath as he plays a newspaper reporter out to bust the phony reform league.

Corruption is so bad that the chief of police resigns. Roger Renfrew is put in charge of the Reform League. It’s all a phony set up by mobster Brad Franklin (Richard Cramer). Making sure he gets his way he even has Madison the publisher of The Gazette in his pocket. They work to close up rival paper The Daily Press.

Press publisher Parker is steamed when he sees the Gazette headline about Renfrew. He braces City Editor Stanley about why they don’t have the story. Stanley blames reporter Dick Lawrence (Richard Talmadge). Dick’s girlfriend May (Luana Walters) is disgusted with him since he took Dick off the city beat a week ago and didn’t tell Parker.

Dick is wandering around town taking pictures of whatever he feels like. He comes into The Press through a window and snaps away. He puts some handcuffs on Stanley and then pulls a gun. He’s just funnin’. It’s really a water pistol and the cuffs come right off. Parker says Dick will get a raise and a bonus if he gets the story about the League.

Stanley goes to a phone booth in the hall. May follows and hears him call Franklin and tell him a reporter is on his way to Renfrew’s office. May tells him what she thinks of him. Outside Renfrew’s office are two thugs sent by Franklin. Dick knocks them both out and a cop comes up and takes them away while an indignant Renfrew says he doesn’t know who the two are. May followed Dick there and is oh so proud of him.

A scared Renfrew calls Madison who tells him to go with one of Franklin’s boys to his secret apartment. Dick does some running and jumping before knocking out the chauffeur and taking his place. Franklin is having a party with lots of booze and babes. Dick is outside the window and takes a picture of Renfrew on the couch having a good old time. Renfrew spots him and yells out an alarm. Time for more stunts from Talmadge.

Dick makes it back to the newsroom and develops the picture. Parker recognizes Franklin as Chuck Ballard, number two on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Franklin’s hoods come in and Stanley gives them the picture and the negative. No big deal. Dick made several copies of the photo. Time for Dick to go out the window again and this time he hitches a ride holding on to the back of the hood’s car to Franklin’s hideout.

Renfrew gets an envelope with a copy of the picture and a note from Dick. Resign or the picture gets printed. In his usual panic he calls The Press. Thinking Dick is on the phone he tells him he’ll resign. He doesn’t know he’s talking to Stanley who in turn calls Franklin. Meanwhile at the hideout Dick escapes after doing more battle. He heads for Renfrew’s office.

When he gets there he captures everybody and phones The Press. It looks like it’s all over for the Franklin mob. Too late, Dick makes a big mistake.

This is a fun movie if you don’t take it seriously and realize it’s just another chance for Talmadge to show off his stunt man skills.


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