The Looters (1955)

the looters 1955

Goof performances from all concerned, especially Thomas Gomez, in the story of a plane crash in the Rockies. Among the survivors…a suitcase with a quarter million dollars inside.

In the Rocky Mountains, hunting guide Jesse Gill (Rory Calhoun) greets Major Knowles who is there for his annual visit leading his mountain troops for some artillery practice. He’s not happy since the game will be scared off but they stay friendly. Jesse goes back to his cabin and waiting for him his old Army buddy Pete Corder (Ray Danton). He’s broke and needs a place to regroup.

That night they hear a plane flying way off course. Later the sound of a crash. Jesse isn’t in a hurry to investigate. The next day they head out to look for it. Meanwhile at the crash site are survivors Sheryl Gregory (Julie Adams), banker George Parkinson (Thomas Gomez) and retired Navy Chief Stan Leppich (Frank Faylen). The co-pilot is wounded and out cold.

They’re burning what they can to keep a fire going when out of Parkinson’s suitcase comes a racy girlie magazine. On the cover…Sheryl. Stan wants to keep it. Parkinson is in the plane looking for provisions when he comes across a suitcase that belongs to a Treasury man. It’s full of money and he helps himself.  Just when they think they’ll never get out of there Jesse and Pete show up.

Jesse says he’ll get help. Parkinson wants to go with him and offers him two grand. Parkinson grabs a gun but Pete is fast and grabs the other rifle. Jesse is grateful that Pete is quick. Gratitude turns to disgust as Jesse realizes Pete has the drop on them. He’s forcing all of them to leave. He’s not broke any more and tells Parkinson he’ll split it with him. The plane is set up to look like everyone dies in the crash. An aerial search can’t see through the cloud cover. They’re on their way.

Pete tells Parkinson he can’t keep an eye on everyone and gives him a rifle. The trip down the mountain continues.

It all comes to a good ending with a nice twist. Like most movies like this there are some soap moments but they don’t get in the way. If you’re looking for something a little different check this one out. Like a typical banker Gomez keeps his suit and tie on through the whole ordeal.

Frank Faylen is a familiar movie and TV face. TV fans best remember him as Dobie’s father Herbert T.Gills in “The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis” (1959-63).




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