Big Town After Dark (1947)

big town after dark 1947

Good B movie based on the radio show “Big Town” with a screenplay by mystery writer Whitman Chambers. The crusade is on to shut down gambling clubs too close to the college.

Police reporter Lorelei Kilbourne (Hillary Brooke) has written a successful novel and tells the editor of The Illustrated Press, Steve Wilson (Philip Reed), she’s quitting. He makes her give two weeks notice. The publisher, Amos Peabody, has a niece Susan (Ann Gillis) studying journalism at state college in a nearby town. She wants a job on the paper. Amos wants Steve not to hire her so she’ll stay in school. To make Lorelei jealous Steve hires her to take her place.

Steve starts to become enamored with Susan and takes her to The Winner’s Club, a poker joint neat the school. He wants her to join the crusade to shut it down. Steve and Susan sit down to play some poker. Owner Chuck LaRue (Richard Travis) sends out a woman to join the game and set Steve up. She makes it obvious she’s dealing from the bottom and Steve calls her on it. He’s taken into Chuck’s office where he works him over and has the boys dump him on a road in Big Town.

Susan is missing and her car has been found abandoned. A concerned Steve and Lorelei call her apartment. A busy signal then no answer. They think she’s been kidnapped. They ask bail bondsman Louis Snead (Vincent Barnett) to be a go between when a ransom demand is made. Louis has his finger on the pulse of just about everything in Big Town.

LaRue calls Amos and tells him where to meet. Steve gets two cops to shadow Amos. LaRue isn’t stupid. He sells Amos fifty thousand dollars worth of stock in The Winner’s Circle. It’s worthless but it’s legal and LaRue never admits to a kidnapping. At the city hall press room Susan shows up. She tells Lorelei that when her car was missing she spent the night with a girlfriend.

Lorelei and Louis get suspicious of Susan and her all innocence act and decide to do some investigating. Steve pulls a fast one and he and Lorelei and another reporter go to The Winner’s Circle and take lots of pictures for an expose. It’s not going to be that easy and a number of surprises await.

This is worth seeing. The acting is standard issue but the script is good and will hold your attention.

Hillary Brooke played herself as the girlfriend of Lou Costello in “The Abbott And Costello Show ” (1952-53) and was on “My Little Margie” as Roberta Townsend (1952-55).

Along with movies and various TV episodes, Richard Travis was a regular on “Code 3” as Assistant Sheriff Rodger Barnett in 1957.



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