The Fantastic Journey (1977)

the fantastic journey

Not too many viewers thought it was that fantastic since it only lasted ten episodes. A group of scientists end up in the Bermuda Triangle. They wash up on an uncharted island and meet all kinds of people from all over time and space. Everyone is trapped there and have to find a way home.

Opening episode: February 3,1977 – “Vortex” w/Gary Collins, Leif Erickson, Jason Evers and Mary Ann Mobley – Scientist Paul Jordan charters a boat run by Ben Wallace (Leif Ericson). With him are his twelve year old son Scott, Dr.Fred Walters (Carl Hamilton), Jill Sands and Eve Costigan (Susan Howard).

They’re in the Bermuda Triangle when a strange cloud approaches during a storm. Ben can’t control the boat and his crewman Carl falls overboard. They all end up on an island. Ben has a broken arm. Two more people head out in a small outboard to look for the Coast Guard. They’re goners.

Watching them all is an Indian. He creeps up on Ben and points a tuning fork device at him. Fred thinks he’s hostile and attacks. Things calm down when Ben says his arm is all better. The Indian leaves and Scott follows. He sees him disappear and then his voice tells Scott to keep walking. He does and goes through a time portal. The Indian is actually from 2230 and his name is Varian (Jared Martin).

Scott and Varian get Paul and Eve. Ben, Jill and Fred are captured by English privateers from the 1600’s. Their leader Sir James Camden (Ian McShane). digs Jill and has a sword fight with one of his men. He runs him through. He takes Jill to have some food and Ben and Fred are tossed in a cell.

James shows Jill a treasure cave. It’s guarded by a python. She tells him it’s 1976. He’s not buying it and orders her burned at the stake. Good thing Varian, Paul and Scott pull off a rescue mission. Ben goes to the treasure cave. He doesn’t see the python. It sees him. So much for Ben.

They end up going through another portal and now they’re in Atlantis. This is where the women wear mini outfits with dark stockings and high heeled black boots. They’re told by Dar-L (Gary Collins) that Paul, Eve and Jill were transferred back home. The time machine has to build up more power before they can leave.

They don’t know the joint is run by a brain in a jar sitting in Jello called The Source. Dar-l, Atar (Jason Evers) and Rhea (Mary Ann Mobley) are assigned to get one of the three so The Source can be regenerated. Scott is chosen.

There’s a revolution being planned by The Unders. They’re slave labor on the lower level. Helping them is an alien who uses a cat as a spy. She can also destroy people with her eyes.

Scott is shown the Pool Of Mirrors and sees Paul, Eve and Jill back home. When Varian and Fred are asleep Dar-l takes Scott to the Hall Of Dreams where he’ll have a lot of fun. It’s actually where he’ll be cloned and The Source will get his energy.

Fred and Varian are fooled by the all new evil Scott but not for long. Now it’s up to them to save the real Scott and put paid to The Source.

It’s all pretty dumb and seems to rely on the adage, throw enough crap against the wall and maybe some of it will stick. Surprised that the story editor is D.C.Fontana of “Star Trek” fame.

Mary Ann Mobley was a successful actress and in 1959 was Miss America. Her husband was Gary Collins.

Among his dozens of TV appearances, Gary Collins starred as Dr.Michael Rhodes in “The Sixth Sense” (1972).

Susan Howard was Donna Culver Krebs on “Dallas” (1979-87).

Ian McShane was the title character in Lovejoy” (1986-94). He played Al Swearengen on “Deadwood” (2004-06).

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