Secrets Of A Co-Ed (1942)

secrets of a co-ed  1942

Despite the presence of Otto Kruger this one deserves a high spot on the worst ever list. The title makes it sound like a cheap exploitation film. It’s not. It’s just a mix of bad acting, a dumb script and unintended laughs….that’s if you can stay awake, especially at the end.

Co-Ed Brenda Reynolds (Tina Thayer) had done it again. She’s stayed out after hours and the Dean has had it. Brenda is confined to campus for a week. She puts in a number of calls to her father, sleazy lawyer James Reynolds (Otto Kruger). Later on he gets everything taken care of and even gives her a check.

After getting another client off he’s in his office with his boys Soapy (Herb Vigran) and the womanizing Nick Jordan (Rick Vallin). Reynolds wants to take over another gambling joint. He sends Soapy and Nick out to “convince” the current owner to make way. He warns Nick about gun play. Does he listen? Of course not.

Soapy is waiting in the car for Nick. He hears gunshots. Nick comes out in a hurry and they take off. Soapy causes a car to run up on the sidewalk. Since it’s a babe driving Nick decides to check her out. It’s Brenda.

Brenda has a boyfriend Bill. They had an argument the night before. Nick looks interesting so that night they do the town. Brenda writes it all down in her diary.

Bill has a party. The dance scene is so bad because the music is awful. Bill takes Brenda outside. He gives her an engagement ring. She says she wants to live a little. She’ll take the ring but tells Bill to keep his mouth shut. A little later she ducks out of the party to Nick who is waiting outside. Fun time. Nick drops her back at school. He finally asks her for her name. The boss’ daughter. Well,well.

The next night Brenda shows up at Nick’s club the Cats Paw where his jealous girlfriend Diane (Diana Del Rio) is the singer. She does a song that is so bad it’s hard to believe it was written by three time Academy Award winner Jay Livingston. Guess they can’t all be winners.

Diane isn’t happy and Nick tells Brenda to go outside. He tells Diane he got rid of her and goes into his office. A bit later Diane goes in and looks out the window. There’s Nick and Brenda driving away. More diary entries.

Diane calls Reynolds. He has had it with Nick’s gun play and especially his Brenda play. He pays him off and tells him to leave town and never come back. Nick tells him he has his own ideas. Reynolds makes a call. It’s open season on Nick. Nick goes to meet Brenda and they head out of town. Nick figures a good angle would be to cross the state line and marry her. They stop at his shut down for the night club. He takes money out of the safe.

Brenda’s sick of waiting in the car and goes inside. No wonder Nick didn’t come out. He’s dead. Brenda is arrested for his murder. If you think the movie was bad before, wait’ll the rest of it. Character actor Addison Richards plays the D.A. at Brenda’s trial. He reads entries from her diary which he tells the jury are secrets of a co-ed.

Otto Kruger is absolutely embarrassing to watch as he gives a long and boring courtroom speech. It has to be the low light of his career. You can very easily get through life without wasting time with this misuse of celluloid.





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