The Sweeney:3-Regan And The Deal Of The Century-Ian Kennedy Martin (1976)

ian kennedy martin-the sweeney-3-regan and the deal of the century

Novelization based on the hit British TV show created by Martin. Most books based on TV shows are usually lame but this is an exception. The Sweeney is the nickname fo ther Flying Squad of the Metropolitan Police. Their best man is Detective Inspector Jack Regan. In this entry he’s assigned to protect a rich oil sheik from Bahrain from an assassin..

Sheik Abu Hasif is gunned down while in his room at the exclusive Wellington Clinic in London. Through a fluke, Jack is in the elevator with the assassin but doesn’t know it. Usually Special Branch would investigate but Jack is given the assignment to find the killer. He’s suspicious that he’s being set up. He doesn’t take that lightly especially since he’s on his own.

He spots a white Mercedes following him. He manages to avoid it and then get on its trail. It stops at the Wellington Clinic and two men get out. Regan is walking and a Jaguar knocks him against a wall. He would have been killed but the Mercedes speeded up and took a few shots at the Jaguar. He has no idea of anyone’s identity.

Help is finally on its way in the form of Harry Hijaz, a top Police Captain from Bahrain. He tells Regan that rich sheiks and heads of countries are being blackmailed. Pay up or die. Hasif refused to pay. Now being threatened is Sheik Almadi.

Hijaz and Regan go to the French resort town of Antibes. Armadi is having meetings with the French Foreign Minister. He’s accompanied by six exclusive call girls from different countries. An English girl named Jo more than catches Regan’s eye.  They get it on. A big problem Regan has…he’s being followed again by the same two in the Mercedes. This time they have a BMW.

Regan gets into a wild chase that ends with him crashing the car. Up ahead is the BMW. It’s not going anywhere. One of the men is seriously injured. Rather than have him talk the other man kills him and carjacks a passing motorist.

Regan is fed up. He no longer believes the assassination stories and tells Hijaz he’s had it. He’ll do his bodyguard job and then leave for England that night. Almadi is going to a secret government location to sign a deal. Hijaz doesn’t give any details. After that the group is on their way to a restaurant. On the way Regan spots the assassin in a bread van. Time again for a wild ride.

Regan causes havoc but the killer doesn’t spot him. Regan follows him to a house where he’s met by others. He books into an exclusive hotel and calls Hijaz back in Antibes. He says he wants answers. In exchange he’ll give the address of the house. He doesn’t want the answers directly from Hijaz. He wants him to call his superior back in London and Regan will get the info from him. He finally finds out what’s really going on about the deal of the century.

Lots of action to come in this entertaining read and you do get to know a lot about Regan. Those details don’t get lost in the chases and shootouts.

Ian Kennedy Martin

Ian Kennedy Martin


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