X Marks The Spot (1931)

x marks the spot 1931

Entertaining B movie with Wallace Ford as a newspaper columnist charged with murder. He’s innocent but feels he has to cover up for the real killer.

It’s 1923. George Howe (Lew Cody) is the editor of a small paper in the town of Bradford. His best friend Ted Lloyd (Wallace Ford) is a reporter. Howe gets a job as a city editor at the Daily Gazette in New York. He tells Ted it’ll be a few years before he can send for him.

Later that day Ted is told to cover a hit and run. When he gets to the scene he discovers that the victim is his kid sister. She may never walk again. Her only hope is a doctor in Germany. It’ll cost five grand to go over and get the operation. He doesn’t have it and no matter where he goes he can’t get it.

He finally goes to see Riggs. He’s a mobster about to go on trial for murder. Ted says he’ll give him dirt on the D.A. to help him. Riggs slugs him and says he can’t stand rats who squeal on their friends. Then he gives him the five grand.

Now it’s eight years later. George sent for Ted and he’s a columnist on the Gazette and his sister Gloria is fine. George tells him his columns lately have been putrid and he wants him to dig up some scandal. He finds out chorus girl Vivian Parker (Mary Nolan) is living in a Park Avenue apartment thanks to a millionaire.

The story is printed and Vivian shows up at the paper with her lawyer. George throws them out. Then he sends Ted over to Vivian’s apartment to get her to sign a release absolving the paper of any libel charge. She throws him out and crumples up the release form.

The next day the cops draw an X on her carpet. That’s where her strangled body is found. Ted is charged with the murder. The apartment’s employee Hustus Brown (Clarence Muse) tells Inspector Kirby (Charles “Ming The Merciless” Middleton) he remembers showing Ted to the apartment. Out on bail he investigates. He finds out some jewelry is missing and contacts a man who can give him a lead. He meets him at a cafe that’s all you can eat for forty cents.

A man named Lewis is to go to Ted’s apartment with the jewels thinking he’s a fence. The man shows up. It’s Riggs. As payback, Ted kills the story. Gloria overhears Riggs confess. George and his secretary Sue aren’t buying Ted’s killing the story. Sue is also Ted’s girlfriend.

George visits Gloria and she tells him what she heard and a trap for Riggs is set. Ted goes to the bank to get money for Riggs. George and the cops follow him to Riggs’ hotel and make the bust. Riggs thinks Ted squealed on him. Riggs goes on trial for murder.

It all comes to a good ending. This is one worth seeing.


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