Girl Gang (1954)

girl gang 1954

If you want to see a movie that must have had Ed Wood green with envy, look no further. It’s sex and drugs but no rock and roll since that hasn’t caught on yet. The unintended laughs are plentiful. It’s no surprise that star Timothy Farrell was a favorite of Ed Wood and appeared in a number of his movies.

Two girls are hitchhiking and get picked up by a guy in a great looking Buick convertible. They pull over and the girls give him “the look.” Here comes another car with two girls. They’re all part of a gang. They hit him over the head and grab his wallet and the car.

They drive back to dope dealer Joe’s (Timothy Farrell) place. He’s on the couch with June (Joanne Arnold). He’s going to teach her how to shoot up. Doc lost his license and helps supply Joe. He’s got a needle on him and Joe’s got a spoon. He shows June how to cook and shoot. He advises her to inject the stuff in her thigh where the needle mark won’t be so visible. As she goes off to dreamland the soundtrack provides some harp music.

While she’s on her way Joe takes Jack into the kitchen so he can mainline. He also gets some harp music. He sent out to get some new customers. He brings back innocent kids Bill and Wanda. They get started with some pot….and harp music.

Joe makes out with all the girls. While making nice with Wanda, Bill is passed out in a chair. Time to introduce Wanda to the cellar club. The initiation is to have sex with five boys. One guy is playing some hot piano while everyone just sits around. Finally in what seems forever some of them get up and jitterbugx.  Time for some sex. A couple goes through a door marked Private. A light goes on above it to let everyone know it’s occupied.

Joe gets June a job in Mr.Brown’s real estate office. That’s so she can use her feminine wiles to borrow money to pay Joe for her habit. She gets small amounts then goes for fifty bucks. While she waits in the back room Brown opens the safe, leaves it open and June tires him out. While he’s resting she robs the safe of some money and a gun. He threatens her but she says she’ll yell rape. He gives up.

Later Joe and Doc return the gun and blackmail him into giving up his remaining cash. Now it’s time for Joe to give Bill and Wanda a chance at some big bucks….which they’ll turn over to him for the stuff they need. He plans a gas station robbery with them along with Jack and June.

The robbery scene is so bad it has to be seen. Now the movie gets even worse. There’s even a cat fight where it’s more than obvious the girls are doing their best not to hurt each other.

If you like really bad movies and I mean really bad, don’t miss this one.

Joanne Arnold was Playmate of the month in May 1954.

The girls talk over their next caper

The girls talk over their next caper


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