Bury Me Dead (1947)

bury me dead 1947

Crime mixed with comedy featuring future TV stars June Lockhart and Hugh Beaumont. A woman pretends to be dead then decides to make a comeback to see who wanted to kill her.

Wealthy Barbara Carlin (June Lockhart) had a habit of grabbing a smoke in her stables before retiring for the night. Looks like she got an early retirement when a fire broke out and a body burned beyond recognition was discovered. Everyone thinks it’s Barbara. Her necklace and compact were found at the scene. Her husband Rod (Mark Daniels) tries to run into the fire but is stopped. Too late for her.

At her funeral Barbara shows up with her face covered by a veil. She gets into her lawyer’s (Hugh Beaumont) car and asks for a lift. Michael Dunn is surprised when she lifts the veil and sees the guest of honor at the funeral. She wants to know who wants her dead. The movie has several flashbacks from here.

Rod is suspect number one. Barbara’s younger sister Rusty (Cathy O’Donnell) finds out at the reading of their father’s will that she gets….nothing. Turns out she was adopted and not legally his daughter. She and Barbara have had their troubles. Rusty lost Rod to her. She also lost prize fighter George to her.

Barbara was concerned when Rusty went to George’s training camp and she and Rod traveled there to get her.  At the camp Rod gets the hots for George’s secretary Helen and George goes for Barbara. Rusty is real bitter. Rod and Barbara are headed for divorce.

George admits that he and Helen plotted to get Barbara’s money. Rod and George get into a fight. It’s the usual speeded up fight scene to make it a light moment. Rod leaves the house after being knocked around and goes to Rusty’s place. She tells him how she’s always felt about him but he says he really loves Barbara. Rusty doesn’t take it well especially when Rod refers to her as a child.  She goes to the cops and accuses Rod of murder. By now everyone knows the body in the barn was Helen.

Back at the house the electricity is cut off and someone hits Barbara. He misses her head and gets her shoulder and runs off. At the police station Rod starts putting things together. Criminologist Mr.Brighten (Charles Lane) won’t shut up about how much he knows about crime as Rod tries to get everyone going back to the house. He’s convinced Barbara will be dead for real if they don’t hurry.

It’s a good suspenseful ending to a movie that would have been a lot better if they had cut back on the comedy. It’s still fun to see the future Ward Cleaver and the star of “Lassie” and later “Lost In Space.”

June Lockhart-Hugh Beaumont

June Lockhart-Hugh Beaumont


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