Party Girl (1930)

party girl 1930

It’s Christmas time. Do businesses really toss wild parties to sign up clients? Who knew?

D.A. Robert Lowry wants to break up the party girl racket. One of his investigators works undercover at Madame Maude Lindsay’s. She supplies babes for the parties. John Rountree owns a glass company and is president of the manufacturer’s association. He refuses to use party girls to sell his products.

His son Jay (Douglas Fairbanks,Jr.) is home for the holidays. His girlfriend is his Dad’s secretary Ellen Powell (Jeanette Loff). Neither one knows she used to work for Lindsay.

That night United Glass is tossing a drunken bash in a hotel. Lindsay supplied the girls. Meanwhile Jay and his frat boys are getting boozed up across town. They decide it would be fun to crash the party. Ellen sits home playing the piano and singing to a picture of Jay and his dog. Her roommate is at the party.

Jay and the boys get tossed out but figure a way to eventually get in. Businessmen away from their wives for a night can get pretty randy. It’s all good business. Jay meets Leeda Carter (Judith Barrie). The next morning Jay wakes up with a hangover and Leeda. A key is heard in the door. Leeda says it’s mother. They come up with a story that they eloped last night. He doesn’t have much choice and marries her. Jay doesn’t know that “mother” is actually Madame Lindsay.

If you think Jay’s Dad isn’t happy, imagine how Ellen feels. She ends up back on the circuit. The cops visit Leeda and tell her she’s off to jail as a state’s witness. They’re going to raid the parties. If she tells all she may not be going downtown. She spills. Too bad. She’s going anyway. She tries to escape through a sixth floor window. Jay finds out about the raids and that Ellen is one of the party girls. Can he rescue her?

Not funny enough to be so bad it’s good. It is interesting for its content and the moral stand the producers try and make while at the same time showing the debauchery of the wild goings on.

This was Judith Barrie’s first movie. She disappeared after only five.

Judith Barrie

Judith Barrie

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