The Lady In Scarlet (1935)

the lady in scarlet 1935

Decent mystery almost tanked by Patricia Farr as a wise cracking secretary to a private investigator. She is absolutely annoying. Her lines are part of the problem but her “acting” gets the lions share of the blame. Who killed the crooked art dealer?

Dr.Boyer buys clocks from art and antiques dealer Arthur Sayre. Arthur thinks his wife Julia is having an affair with him. He calls his lawyer to change his will. Boyer and Julia meet for a drink. Also in the bar is P.I.Oliver Keith (Reginald Denny) and his secretary Ella (Patricia Farr). Keith recognizes Julia as an actress he saw in a show.

She tells them she thinks her husband is in trouble and they follow her home. Albert won’t be troubled anymore. He dead, killed with a sword. He’s also got a dagger through his right hand. Fingerprints lead to F.W.Dyker. He and Albert were in the phony antiques racket together. He’s also a good swordsman.

Albert’s daughter Alice thinks Julia killed him for his money. She also says she was disinherited because of lies Julia fed Albert about her. That afternoon she married Albert’s right hand man in the shop, Arthur Pennyward.

Alice says she heard her father talking with the lawyer Jerome Shelby over the phone. leaving Julia everything. Shelby comes over and reads the will. It’s split between the two women. He was killed before he could sign the new one. Her father promised her a hundred thousand dollars in bonds as a wedding present. They’re in the safe. Julia opens it. Not even a moth. Oliver looks in a bit later and finds a scrap of paper.

Also in the mix is a blackmailer. There’s another murder. Oliver keeps police inspector Lewis Trainey advised of everything. That’s good because he’s not the sharpest member of the force. The solution comes when Oliver gathers all the suspects together.


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