The Amazing Mr.Williams (1939)

the amazing mr williams 1939

Melvyn Douglas is a top homicide detective and Joan Blondell is his fiancee who keeps trying to get him to resign. This is a fun movie that also features a good performance from Clarence Kolb as Captain McGovern.

Lt.Kenny Williams (Melvyn Douglas) is always interrupted whenever he takes out his fiancee Maxine Carroll (Joan Blondell). She’s also the secretary to the Mayor (Jonathan Hale). While out to dinner a cop comes in and tells Kenny that McGovern needs him on a murder case. The victim is a snake charmer. He solves the case.

Time for another night out. Nope. McGovern wants Kenny to escort convicted killer Buck Moseby (Edward Brophy) to prison to serve his forty year sentence. Instead of taking the train Kenny takes him to Maxine’s place and tells him to say his name is Charlie Jones. Kenny sets him up with Maxine’s roommate Effie Perkins (Ruth Donnelly).

Things take a turn when the four go to the Beach Casino. Buck tries to escape and Maxine calls McGovern. That gets Kenny a sixty day suspension. Maxine was hoping he’d get fired. The next case involves the Phantom Slugger. His victims are women. Maxine slips a suggestion to McGovern to have Kenny dress as a woman to trap him. She’s hoping this will make him resign. Her plan backfires. Maxine follows Kenny in his outfit. The Slugger hits her over the head. Kenny makes the capture.

Kenny finally decides to reign and marry Maxine. Not so fast. A bank has been held up and the night watchman killed. McGovern scams Kenny into the case. At the Mayor’s office Maxine, Effie and a number of their co-workers wait for Kenny to show up. The mayor is ready to perform the ceremony. Kenny is so involved with solving the case he arrives too late at City Hall. Maxine has had it.

Kenny is escorting a man arrested and convicted in the bank robbery to prison and a date with the chair. Then he spots something that makes him think the man is innocent. He’ll need Maxine’s help. He’ll also have to stay a step ahead of McGovern and Lt.Bixler (Donald MacBride) who are out to arrest him for not delivering the man to prison.

It comes to a good finale and is one to look for.

TV fans know Clarence Kolb as Mr.Honeywell on “My Little Margie” (1952-55).

Character actor Don Beddoe plays Detective Deever and Dick Elliot has a bit part as a druggist.

Melvyn Douglas-Joan Blondell

Melvyn Douglas-Joan Blondell


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