One Year Later (1933)

one year later 1933

One day you’re sitting in a train compartment off on your honeymoon. Next thing you know you’re in the same compartment on your way to the electric chair.

Jim and Molly Collins are on a train car called Happy Valley. It’s their honeymoon, These wacky kids even carve two hearts in the train window. It starts out to be a very good year. Next thing you know it’s Christmas Eve and Jim is handcuffed to a sheriff on his way to the hot seat.

Molly is at the train station but Jim won’t talk to her. Time now to meet some of the other passengers.  There’s a ham actor who keeps spouting bad puns, a gold digging dame with her sugar daddy who doesn’t know his wife hired a detective to follow him and newspaper reporter Tony Richards who is coughing his guts out every two minutes. He’s got lung cancer and is on his way to a sanitarium to die. Later on there is one funny scene where the gold digger tells daddy big bucks what she wants for Christmas.

Tony wrote some nasty stuff about Jill during Jim’s trial. He goes into her compartment to learn the real story. She has to go into his bag to get him some medicine. It’s in a bottle next to his gun. He says he has it in case he wants to end it all early. Now it’s story time. One night she’s going about her dutiful duties as Jim’s ideal wife when he brings the boss home for dinner. He never told her. The boss is Mr.Grant. It’s easy to see along with dinner he wants Jill for desert. After that night he won’t leave her alone.

One afternoon Mr.Grant comes over unannounced with a gift for Jill. She wants nothing to do with him and makes him agree to get out after one drink. Timing is everything. Jim forgot some papers and walks in. He’s not happy. Later at the office he threatens Grant and ends up getting fired.

Jill is loaded with good intentions. She calls Grant to try and straighten it all out. No answer. Jim is coming off another unsuccessful day trying to find a job. The phone rings and Jill gets it. It’s Grant. He invites Jill over. She tells Jim she’s going to see her friend Ethel.

Grant is mixing a couple drinks when there’s a banging on the door. It’s Jim looking for Ethel. He and Grant brawl. There’s a gun on the floor. Then there’s a bullet in Grant. In between hacking coughs Tony apologizes for the way he portrayed her in his stories. He’s going to try and get those two lovebirds together if only for a little while.

The ending is really ridiculous as the “writers” go way out there for a feel good ending.


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