Ellis Island (1936)

ellis island 1936

Really bad attempt trying to mix comedy and crime. As it slowly moves along it looks like it might have been all comedy but no one knew how to pull it off. A total failure.

In 1926 three men rob a million dollars from a bank. They’re captured and each given ten years. Now it’s 1936. They’re out and due to be deported from Ellis Island. Guard Gary Curtis (Donald Cook) sees a girl talking to one of the robbers, Ted Kedrich. That’s against the rules. She’s Betty Parker (Peggy Shannon), his niece. Gary says he’ll see what he can do about getting her a permit to talk to him.

Peter James shows up. He says he’s from the Treasury Department and wants to find out where the trio hid the money. He sees Ted and tells him the other two want to deal. For a fifty-fifty split he’ll deal with Ted and get him off the island. Ted doesn’t know it but James is a phony.

A gang led by Dude (Jack La Rue) sneaks on the island and kidnaps Ted. The gang consists of Nails, Turk and Moxey. Gary thinks he can track them down by finding where Betty works in the Bronx. Meanwhile the real James shows up in the Commissioner’s office. Also there is guard Kip Andrews (Johnny Arthur). There’s a movie sinking sub plot where he keeps trying to get Gary to tell his fiancee that the blonde he was with last night was just Gary’s cousin from Peoria.

Gary and Kip go to Betty’s apartment. Ted is inside passed out on the couch. He’s dead drunk. Gary finds a microphone. He and Kip go upstairs and find James the phony. They don’t know he’s a fake. Kip tries to remember where he’s seen someone named  James before. James says he got Ted drunk hoping to find out where the money was hidden.

Dude and his gang show up and kidnap Ted. James follows them to a pool hall where they’re trying to convince Ted to tell them the location. No matter what they do to him, he’s not talking. They leave Nails on guard and go to get Betty.  In the meantime it looks like Gary has figured out where the money is and Kip continues to bug him. Gary and Kip rescue Ted.

They all end up in a graveyard. There’s a stupid bit where Nails is scared to be there. The movie thankfully comes to a close later on at a remote farmhouse. The farmer keeps bees who come in handy.

This is a total waste of time and is one to definitely avoid.

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