Mrs.Thursday (1966-1967)

Kathleen Harrison as Mrs.Thursday

Kathleen Harrison as Mrs.Thursday

Alice Thursday is a cleaning lady who inherited ten million pounds. She also got to control a multinational company, not to mention her employers mansion and Rolls Royce. This is a very entertaining series.

Opening episode: May 15,1966 – “A Ride In A Rolls Royce” – A Rolls Royce pulls up in front of Mrs.Thursday’s flat. As the neighbors look on she gets in. In the back seat is Richard B.Hunter (Hugh Manning). He works for the multimillionaire George Dunrich. Mrs.Thursday is his office cleaning lady and he wants to see her. He’s very ill and told Hunter to get her.

At the estate the doctor says no visitors. Dunrichs’ personal assistant Roger Landis calls the car and tells Hunter to take Mrs.Thursday back home. Since Dunrich ordered him to bring her he continues the trip to the house. Before he gets there two of Dunrich’s ex wives and the current wife, who is a week away from a divorce, all show up and barge into his room. He throws them out.

Mrs.Thursday goes to see him and they play Monopoly and have a nice chat and a bit of whiskey. Time to go and Dunrich tells Hunter to bring her back the next morning. They leave and he gets some more whiskey and a cigar. Downstairs by the front door everyone hears a thud. Hunter and the rest go back upstairs. Dunrich is dead on the floor.

Now it’s the reading of the will. The household staff gets a pittance and the exes don’t do much better. Hunter gets a nice amount but there’s a stipulation. He’ll only get it when he’s sixty or gets married. Then the shocker. Mrs.Thursday gets everything.

At the estate the heads of the Dunrich group of companies argue about control until Mrs.Thursday tells them to leave and the board meeting is put off for two days. Back at her flat the exes have gathered. They used to get a weekly allowance of sixty pounds. She thinks that’s terrible since they didn’t have to work for it.

Hunter advises her to keep the allowance going. She tells them she’ll do it but only if they all find jobs. Now they have to take the bus home. An amused Hunter says he’ll now take her in the Rolls to the country estate. As they go up the long driveway Mrs.Thursday officially hires Hunter as her business manager.

This is a good start to a good series.


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