The New Black Mask No.4-Edited by Matthew J.Bruccoli & Richard Layman

matthew j bruccoli-richard layman (editors)-the new black mask no.4

There are eight editions in this series. This one contains seven stories from 1981,85,86 along with an interview with Loren D.Estleman and the fourth and final installment of Jim Thompson’s “Ripoff” that started in edition No.1. Favorites:

“The Scoop” (1986) – Joseph L.Koenig – A man goes nuts and kills his family. A newspaper photographer takes a picture of the killer that makes him look like the devil incarnate. The editor wants the big scoop. He didn’t expect to get it this way.

“There’s No Such Things As Private Eyes” (1986) – Mark Coggins – Throwback to the pulps as a P.I. is hired to look into a possible insurance scam. A woman was robbed of a diamond pendent. The incident looks suspicious. Our hero goes through the usual wisecracks and hits on the head before it’s all over.

“”Pincushion” (1986) – David A.Bowman – A P.I. is hired by a woman who suspects her husband of adultery. She shows up at the office with a Great Dane. Her husband is in the mob. The P,I, follows him to a carnival sideshow where the big act is a stripper that sticks needles in herself. This one is a wild ride.

“Psychodrama” (1986) – Mike Handley – Two guys rob a gas station. They’re not armed but rely on one of them who can come across as a psycho to intimidate their victims. Looks like they’ve run into someone even crazier.

Other stories are by George V.Higgins, Loren D.Estleman and Edward D.Hoch.

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  1. coggins says:

    Nice picks! Check this out for more background.

  2. coggins says:

    That’s great. That was definitely the idea. 😉

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