Crazy Knights (Ghost Crazy) (1944)

crazy knights(ghost crazy) 1944

Billy Gilbert, Shemp Howard and Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom portray themselves in this one hour of silliness. It all involves a gorilla, a creepy mansion, a blonde and a disembodied voice. Also in the cast, TV’s Perry White, John Hamilton.

Billy Gilbert does a carnival act with a gorilla known as Barney,The Gorilla With The Human Mind. While the gorilla is kept backstage, Shemp in a gorilla suit does the tricks.  Time to move on and the boys take the gorilla in a trailer. Driving is performer Dave Hammon.

On the road a car speeds past them. It’s driven by Maxie. He’s the chauffeur to the wealthy Mr.Gardner (John Hamilton). Also in the car is his niece Joan and his secretary Ralph Williams. Ralph tosses his hat out the window and pretends it blew out. He gets out along with everyone else. Good thing since there was a small explosion in the engine which catches on fire. Gardner always thought someone was trying to kill him.

Here comes Billy,Shemp and Dave. Maxie stays behind and everyone heads for the creepy Gardner mansion. Joan doesn’t want to go but…too bad. Meanwhile Maxie flags down a motorists. He asks to borrow a wrench to fix the engine. The man is in a hurry. Maxie tries to trick him into staying. It doesn’t work.

Billy and Shemp get scared when they arrive at the mansion. There’s a graveyard out front. The door is answered by the housekeeper Mrs.Benson. There’s a lot of Billy and Shemp routines that wear on you after a while. A disembodied voice, a changing portrait and a ghost are all involved in their sketches. Dave finally convinces them to stay the night. A jealous Ralph isn’t happy.

Showing up is the man Maxie met on the road. No one but Mrs,Benson knows he’s there. He’s Grogan, a P.I. In the graveyard one of the tombstones moves and Billy walks down the stairs. He finds a ghost costume. He puts it one to scare Shemp.

That’s how this movie goes. Of course the blonde Joan is in peril, someone knocks out Mr.Gardner and Barney the gorilla escapes. Billy tells Shemp to get into the gorilla costume. You know where that’s going. Maxie shows up and now he,Billy and Shemp join up for some comedy routines.

It’s the kind of movie that shows up at kiddie matinees and what used to be weekend morning TV. Overall it’s nothing special and seeing Shemp will probably make you watch some Three Stooges.

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